Warehouse Resume Summary / Profile Examples

Updated on: August 30, 2015

Summaries of qualification versus resume objectives – this dilemma is a constant in resume writing. To be perfectly honest, both these are interchangeable in most cases. You can choose to write either, depending on the station you stand at in your career. However, summaries are gaining popularity nowadays for one simple reason – they are more profound and say much more than an objective does.

A warehouse resume summary or profile (as it is often referred to) is based on three or four lines of self-description. It is placed at the beginning of your resume, just after your contact information. There is a reason for it to be placed right at the beginning. Resume summaries act as ice breakers – by reading one, an employer receives insight into what an individual is all about and how well he will be able to fit into the organization that he has applied to. Summaries / profiles also provide employers with a reason to read further (the rest of the resume). Needless to say, badly written summaries are actually a deterrent and discourage employers to read the rest of the resume. Hence, there is a lot of emphasis placed on including valuable information (valuable to the employer) in your resume summary.

Let us provide you with some samples of resume summaries (those for a warehouse worker) so that you can gauge what all it is that they include:

Warehouse Resume Summary / Profile Examples

• Highly innovative, creative and self-motivate warehouse worker, with demonstrated expertise in completing delivery requests, by pulling orders accurately. Proactive management skills, combined with highly developed organizational acumen and the ability to prioritize orders to ensure consistent customer services.

• Positive, confident and conscientious individual with proficiency in handling warehouse duties such as order pulling, packing and labeling and timely delivery to customers. Hardworking and meticulous, owing to deep knowledge of maintaining quality control and efficiency of work processes within a warehouse environment.

• A versatile, enthusiastic and competent warehouse associate, known for consistently achieving a high standard of undertaken duties. Has strong knowledge of preparing and completing orders, processing stock products and performing strict inventory controls.

• Accomplished warehouse worker with a proven track record of effectively handling product slotting work and computerized inventory controls. Committed to the highest levels of professionalism and personal excellent, aimed at constant and consistent customer satisfaction.