Entry Level Food Service Resume No Experience

Updated on: April 19, 2021

Resumes built for entry-level food service positions work just as well as those written for experienced ones. 

It is true that entry-level resumes need a little more work than their experienced counterparts. Not because they are in any way less but because lack of experience can make us feel a bit intimidated. We end up writing content that is fluffy but hollow. Hence, the need for the extra care!

Lack of experience should not pull us down. After all, even the best of us must have written an entry level resume at some point in our lives. How else would we have started out in the job world?

When a hiring manager looks at an entry level resume, he is aware of its status in the job market and he will not disregard it only because the applicant hasn’t worked before. And this is contrary to what most of us believe in which is why we write nervously and this nervousness shows up in the resume.

Keep your head high when you write an entry level resume. There is really no need to be afraid if you have the skills that the employer is looking for. Do a self-check a few times and begin writing!

Here is an entry level resume sample for a food service assistant to help you along:

Entry Level Food Service No Experience Resume Sample 

Steven Perez
125 Fabrique Street, Wichita, KS 77283 
(000) 999-9999
stevenperez @ email . com


Energetic and well-organized individual with a deep interest in the foodservice industry, seeking a position at ABC Restaurant. Bringing a horough understanding of serving food, ordering supplies, organizing stock, and overseeing restaurant cleanliness and maintenance.

• A team player who is adept at ensuring a constantly high level of food services to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
• Highly skilled in reviewing menus and making changes according to feedback received from customers.
• Competent at investigating and resolving complaints regarding quality of food and service.

High School Diploma


Food Service Aide
Jan 2021 – Mar 2021
• Greeted and seated customers arriving at the restaurant
• Offered menus and provided information regarding the day’s special
• Took orders and informed customers of preparation time
• Relayed orders to the kitchen and followed up on them
• Delivered prepared orders to customers’ table after ensuring proper portion sizes
• Took and processed payments and returned change
• Ascertained the general cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant area
• Cleared away soiled dishes and tablecloths and ensured clean ones are placed

– Meal Planning
– Nutrition
– Food Storage
– Menu Development
– Portion Control
– Complaint Handling
– Food Service
– Record-Keeping
– Cleaning/Maintenance