Entry Level Fast Food Worker Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: December 15, 2022

An individual hoping to work as a fast food worker does not necessarily need prior exp

erience. Usually, training is provided on the job, in accordance with the specifics of the restaurant. 

But you do have to make an effort to write a cover letter to apply for the fast food job.

How to Write a Great Fast Food Worker Cover Letter With No Experience?

In an entry level cover letter, you do not have to dwell on the lack of experience. Instead, focus on your fast food skills. These would include customer service orientation, and the ability to handle food preparation and serving tasks.

Since you will be working in the food service industry, you have to make sure that you tell the hiring manager about your awareness of food hygiene.

Here is a sample cover letter you can use.

Entry Level Fast Food Worker Cover Letter No Experience

December 15, 2022

Mr. Henry Campbell
Human Resources Manager
Captain Cook’s
84 City Avenue
Merrimack, NH18700

Dear Mr. Campbell:

I saw your advertisement for a fast food worker at Captain Cook’s and could not help but further investigate your requirements. As it turns out, your requirements are perfectly aligned with my skills in this role. I would appreciate it if you would go through the accompanying resume for further details on my candidature.

Since I am a fast learner, I am sure that I will immediately learn the ropes and become an integral part of your team. Owing to the fact that I am aware of food preparation work, such as cutting, cubing, and slicing meats, cheeses, and vegetables, I will be able to help your cooking staff as well. A short work stint at Mc Donald’s taught me the various ways in which prepared food needs to be packed, and served to customers.

As I am a pleasant individual, it is not difficult for me to reach out to people in a positive manner. Excellent customer services skills and a great ability to handle complaints and suggestion make me a suitable person to hire.

On Monday, I will contact your office in order to set up a meeting time. Until then, I am available at (000) 284-2843. Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Fast Food Worker position at Captain Cook’s.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Olga Cannes

Enc: (Resume)

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