Lead Host Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 29, 2018

General Job Description

A lead host is an individual who has successfully climbed the ladder to this position, after working as a host in a hospitality environment.

The work of an individual working as a lead host includes handling guests within a hotel or restaurant environment, ensuring that they are given high-quality services at all times.

Typically, the role of a lead host is a supervisory one, but one does need to perform some hosting work as well. It is essential for lead hosts to be active when patrons or guests arrive, ensuring that they are being provided with the right type of services by hosts and servers.

The work of a lead hostess can be quite complicated at times since he has to make sure that everything is right, and that nothing diminishes the experience of guests, while they are at the restaurant. One has to be patient, well-spoken, and pleasant if this is the work that one wants to do.

Lead Host Job Description for Resume

• Take reservations over the telephone, through emails, and in person, and ensure that they are properly recorded into the system.
• Handle follow-up duties to ensure that reservation statuses are managed properly.
• Greet patrons as they arrive at the hotel or restaurant, and ensure that a host or hostess is assigned to them.
• Oversee the seating and menu presentation of all clients to make sure that high-quality service is being delivered.
• Ensure that all orders for food and beverages are being taken and relayed to the kitchen on time.
• Oversee the work of kitchen staff to ensure that they expedite orders and that hosts and servers coordinate appropriately to serve them.
• Handle patrons’ complaints regarding food quality and service ensuring that they are resolved immediately.
• Relay patrons’ concerns to servers and the management aimed at ensuring that further incidents are prevented.
• Oversee the cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant area constantly and consistently.
• Ensure that all supplies required to keep the restaurant frontend running, are available at all times.

Lead Hostess Job Description

Lead Hostess on Duty


Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is required to work as a lead host.

Prior experience in the hospitality industry, specifically food service, will go a long way in making you a perfect individual to hire.

Moreover, you will need to be a great communicator, and an exceptional problem-solver, if this is the work that you want to do.