Bus Girl Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: April 11, 2022
Position Overview

Falling under the broader category of dining room attendants, bus girls work in restaurants where their main duty is to facilitate food service.

They perform many support services such as cleaning tables, removing dishes, replacing soiled table linens, and setting tables.

Working as a bus girl requires a lot of physical energy as one has to be on one’s feet all the time.

Lifting heavy trays and carrying them long distances to the kitchen can be tiring so it is important to be physically strong and have the capacity to work for hours in one go.

Often, bus girls are required to assist servers in serving food and ensuring that customers’ beverages are topped up as soon as they ask for them.

At times, bus girls are also required to fill in for waiters, usually during rush hours and holidays. They may also be asked to assist in setting up buffet tables and helping out in the kitchen.

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Bus Girl Duties and Responsibilities

• Offer welcome drinks to customers and refill their drinks as and when they ask.

• Assist in serving food by bringing order trays from the kitchen and holding them while waiters serve them.

• Ascertain that condiments are placed on tables and are replenished when needed.

• Clean up spilled food and wipe tabletops and chairs.

• Replace table cloths and ensure that soiled ones are sent into the laundry.

• Pick up dirty dishes from tables and transport them to the kitchen area.

• Bus tables by placing dishware, flatware, and glassware on them.

• Serve ice, coffee rolls, and butter to customers.

• Stock cabinets with condiments and refill condiment containers before they run out.

• Ensure that adequate supplies of items such as linen, silverware, dishes, and trays are maintained.

• Assist food preparers in garnishing dishes and slicing fruits and meats.

• Bus buffet tables and ensure that dishes do not run out.

• Ensure an appropriate supply of clean plates, bowls, and flatware at buffet tables.

• Stock refrigerator units with cold beverages.

• Assist in washing dishes and pots and pans.

• Prepare flavors for mixed drinks and stock vending machines with food and beverage items.

• Keep a record of all items ordered by customers and provide information to the cashier.

• Assist cashiers in preparing bills and handing them to waiters.

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