Buffet Runner Job Description

Updated on December 6, 2016

As the title suggests, a buffet runner is an individual who is hired to ensure that a restaurant’s buffet is properly set up and broken down. Since buffet runners are usually hired in high end fine dining restaurants, they have to have it in them to provide quality customer and food service at all times.

A buffet runner needs to hold a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. Some experience in a food services-related area is appreciated by employers who essentially want to hire people who can do justice to the job. While working as a buffet runner, you have will have to make sure that you follow and abide by all the protocols and procedures of the specific restaurant that you are working for. You will also need to ensure that any running issues such as food shortages, are managed in an immediate manner.

While working as a buffet runner, you will be constantly on your feet, especially during lunch and dinner timings. The need to be on the go constantly will require you to possess great physical fitness, so that you do not get tired during the shift. Some important duties of a buffet runners include:

Buffet Runner Job Description

• Understand and follow specific instructions for the manual set up and break down of the buffet table

• Ascertain that all dishes on the buffet table are sparkly clean and spotless

• Make arrangements to ensure that buffet burners are available and in proper working condition

• Place plates, glasses and forks and spoons on auxiliary tables and replenish them as and when required

• Coordinate efforts with the kitchen to ensure timely delivery of food items to the front end

• Keep a constant check on buffet items to ensure that no “run out” situations arise

• Assist patrons in deciding which dishes to eat according to their specific tastes

• Ascertain that all buffet patrons’ beverage orders are taken and delivered on time

• Maintain a consistent supply of food items and condiments as per the rules of the restaurant

• Break down the buffet table at the end of the lunch or dinner time and ensure that all items are taken back to the kitchen area

• Clean and sanitize buffet tables according to set instructions and replace table cloths and runners

• Provide head waiter with information on low supply levels or additional supplies needed

• Assist kitchen workers in handling washing up and drying duties during off peak hours

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