Administrative Assistant Resignation Letter: 2 Samples & How-to Write

Updated on: November 19, 2023

A resignation letter is an important document when you have decided to step down from your position as an Administrative Assistant.

It allows you to communicate your decision in a professional and respectful manner, expressing gratitude for the opportunities and experiences gained during your tenure.

On this page, you will find:

  • Two sample resignation letters specifically crafted for Administrative Assistants.
  • Step-by-step guidelines on how to write an effective resignation letter.
  • Tips on maintaining a positive relationship with your employer during the transition process.

Please note that the examples and guidelines provided on this page are customizable to suit your specific circumstances. Customize the content, add personal touches, and ensure that your resignation letter remains sincere, professional, and respectful.

Take the time to craft a well-written resignation letter that reflects your appreciation for the experiences gained and the opportunities provided by your current employer. Your letter will not only serve as a professional courtesy but also leave a lasting positive impression on your colleagues and supervisors.

Let us guide you through the process of writing an impactful resignation letter as an Administrative Assistant.

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Administrative Assistant Resignation Letter Example 1

Matt Jenner
214 Pine Street
New York, NY 20101
(000) 222-3210
matt @ email . com

November 19, 2023

Mr. Bruce Pitt
Administrative Director
[Company Name]
357 Maple Street
New York, NY 27364

Dear Mr. Pitt:

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from my position as an Administrative Assistant at [Company Name]. After careful consideration and thought, I have decided that it is time for me to pursue new opportunities and challenges in my professional career.

I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to work at [Company Name]. Over the course of my time here, I have had the privilege of working with an incredible team, and I have learned so much from each and every one of you. The knowledge and skills I have gained during my tenure will undoubtedly help shape my future endeavors.

Effective [last working day], I will be stepping down from my position. I understand the importance of a smooth transition, and I am committed to ensuring that the handover process is as seamless as possible. I am more than willing to assist in training my replacement or to provide any necessary documentation to support the transition.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the support and guidance I have received from you and the entire management team. Your leadership and mentorship have been instrumental in my growth and development. I have truly enjoyed being a part of this organization and contributing to its success.

Please accept my sincerest thanks for the experiences and opportunities that [Company Name] has provided me. I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have gained will serve me well in my future endeavors. I look forward to staying in touch and maintaining the relationships I have built during my time here.

Thank you again for your understanding and support. I wish you and the entire team continued success.


[Sign Here]

Matt Jenner
Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Resignation Letter Example 2

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from my position as an Administrative Assistant, effective [last working day, usually two weeks from the current date].

Working at [Company Name] has been a rewarding experience, and I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to grow both personally and professionally. However, after careful consideration, I have decided to pursue a new career path that aligns better with my long-term goals and aspirations.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and the entire team for the support, guidance, and valuable experiences I have gained during my time here. I have learned so much and truly appreciate the opportunities for professional development provided to me.

To ensure a smooth transition, I am more than willing to assist with the training or handover of my responsibilities to another team member. Please let me know how I can be of help during this transition period.

I will do my best to complete any pending tasks and tie up loose ends before my departure. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need any assistance after I leave.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for the trust and confidence you have shown in me during my tenure at [Company Name]. It has been an honor to be a part of this team, and I wish everyone continued success.

Thank you once again for your understanding and support. I am grateful for the opportunities for growth and development that I have had here.

[Your Name]

How to Write an Administrative Assistant Resignation Letter?

Writing an administrative assistant resignation letter requires careful consideration and professionalism. Here are the steps to create an effective resignation letter:

1. Include a clear and concise header:
Begin your letter by including your name, address, phone number, and email address at the top of the page. Following that, add the current date, as well as the recipient’s name, job title, and company address.

2. Compose a formal salutation:
Address the recipient using their proper title, such as “Dear Mr./Ms. [Last Name].”

3. State your intention:
Clearly state in the opening paragraph that you are resigning from your position as an administrative assistant. Mention the date of your intended last day of work as well.

4. Express gratitude:
In the subsequent paragraph, express your appreciation for the experience and opportunities you had while working in the administrative assistant role. Highlight any valuable skills or knowledge you gained during your employment.

5. Offer assistance with the transition:
Show your willingness to assist in making the transition as smooth as possible. Offer to train your replacement or provide the necessary documentation to ensure a seamless handover.

6. Keep it professional:
Maintain a professional tone throughout the entire letter. Refrain from including any negative or critical remarks about your colleagues, supervisors, or the organization itself.

7. Closing paragraph:
Conclude your resignation letter by expressing your good wishes for the company’s continued success. Offer to wrap up any pending projects or tasks before leaving.

8. Formal sign-off:
Sign your letter using “Sincerely” or “Best regards,” followed by your name and your typed name below.

9. Proofread and finalize:
Before sending, review your resignation letter for any grammatical or spelling errors. Ensure that the formatting is correct, and the letter is free of typos.


This page provides valuable insights and resources for crafting a professional resignation letter as an Administrative Assistant. With two sample letters and clear guidelines on how to write, you have the tools to resign gracefully and maintain positive relationships. Take this opportunity to leave a lasting impression as you transition to the next phase of your career.

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