Busboy Resume Sample & Job Description

Updated on: February 5, 2023

Busboys or bussers work in the culinary industry, which is why it is imperative that a busboy resume edict knowledge of food and beverage service and customer care.

Typically working as part of the support staff, busboys spend their day facilitating food service, setting up buffet stations, and clearing tables.

They have to be physically agile as they spend most of their day on their feet.

It is vital for busboys to possess a calm manner as they often come across angry customers, and it is up to them to handle criticism with tact.

Their competencies, skills, and experience must be made obvious in their resumes. This is because employers need to know that the candidate is capable of handling all the tasks associated with bussing.

The following resume will give you an idea of how to write an exceptional resume for a busboy position.

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Busboy Resume Sample

Dan Klien
Rocky Mount, VA 13337
(999) 999-9999
d_klien @ email . com


A highly motivated Busboy with a strong vision to provide the ultimate services within a culinary environment. Resourceful team player who has a great ability to take and follow instructions in an appropriate manner. Functional ability to handle both front-end and back-end work effectively.

• Extensive knowledge of food preparation and service
• Special talent for preparing sauces and rolls
• Able to manage complete dining room setup

• Food and beverage • Physical dexterity
• Personal hygiene • Team player
• Customer service • Dining room setup
• Catering • Communication
• Fast-paced mobility • Food preparation

• Reorganized the buffet system by suggesting the addition of more stations to make provision for more restaurant patrons.
• Decreased food costs by $3000 by suggesting “on-the-go” food preparation techniques.
• Increased customer base by 20% by suggesting menu changes to incorporate healthy meals for diet-conscious patrons.
• Achieved Busser of the Month award 3 times in one year following exceptional work ethics and progressive duties.


Captain’s Cook, Rocky Mount VA
• Set up tables by placing dishware, flatware, and glassware.
• Place clean tablecloths on each table and ensure that any spills are immediately taken care of
• Clear tables once patrons have left and carry dishes, flatware, and glasses to the kitchen to be cleaned
• Wipe tables and chairs using a damp cloth and ensure that any food marks on either are cleaned using detergents and cleaners
• Fill ice and beverage dispensers before they run low
• Top up customers’ glasses with water or requested beverage
• Clean and polish counters, buffet stations, and shelves
• Set up and tear down buffet stations and ensure constant refilling of buffet dishes
• Assist waiters in serving food and beverage to patrons
• Maintain sufficient supplies such as napkins, linen, and plates

Server Assistant
Four Leaf, Rocky Mount, VA
• Cleaned tables and chairs and assisted in clearing away dishware and flatware
• Carried soiled dishware and flatware to the kitchen and assisted in washing them
• Swept and mopped floors and cleaned and polished counters
• Assisted in the setup and tear down of service and buffet stations
• Maintained the stock of tablecloths, dishware, flatware, and napkins

High School Diploma
City Public School, Rocky Mount, VA – 2008

Busboy Job Description for Resume

  • Clean tables and ensure that fresh tablecloths and mats are placed
  • Remove soiled dishware, glassware, and flatware and deliver them to the washing area
  • Clean and polish counters and furniture and mop and sweep floors
  • Clean up spilled food and ensure that floors and counter surfaces are sanitized
  • Serve water to newly seated customers and inform them that they will be assisted by a waiter shortly
  • Provide waiters with information about new customer arrival especially in during peak hours
  • Assist waiters in serving beverages, condiments, and coffee
  • Ensure that each table has a sufficient supply of napkins and tissue paper
  • Keep an eye out for customers looking for service and assist them with their queries
  • Make sure that the restaurant area is clean at all times
  • Ensure that buffet tables are properly bussed and replenished as soon as any item runs out
  • Stock cabinets and serving areas with items such as napkins, napkin rings, ketchup, mustard, and extra sets of flatware
  • Serve appetizers such as rolls, butter, and bread
  • Ensure that there is a constant supply of ice and drinking water for customers
  • Clean and organize dishes in the kitchen and expedite orders on request from waiters and servers
  • Ensure that sufficient restaurant supplies such as linen, condiments, and napkins are available at all times
  • Assist in clearing tables after each course and bussing them with fresh plates and glasses

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