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16 Food Handler Interview Questions and Answers

Prior to appearing for a food handler interview, it is important to know what to expect during the process. Since you will be working in a sensitive environment that involves food safety and hygiene, it is imperative that you prepare well to answer the questions that will be asked of you. During an interview for… Read More »

Hospitality Associate Interview Questions and Answers

The last step in any job application process is the interview. This step is also the most important, as failing at this stage means that the effort and time that you put into writing your resume and cover letter was a complete waste. Ensuring that you ace this stage is imperative. Do we have any… Read More »

Hospitality Associate Job Description

Position Overview Hospitality associates are hired in many settings, including hospitals and hotels, where their main work is to ensure that patients or guests (depending on where they are working) are provided with the best possible services. These individuals are usually the first people we meet when we enter a facility, and they are responsible… Read More »

Top 6 Hospitality Resume Summary Examples

Hotels and restaurants need to hire many employees to make sure that they are known in the industry for their hospitality services. This includes hiring housekeepers, front desk officers, and guest relation managers, all of who work to ensure one thing – total guest satisfaction. During their hunt for appropriate employees to fit the bill,… Read More »

Bus Girl Duties and Responsibilities

Position Overview Falling under the broader category of dining room attendants, bus girls work in restaurants where their main duty is to facilitate food service. They perform many support services such as cleaning tables, removing dishes, replacing soiled table linens and setting tables. Working as a bus girl requires a lot of physical energy as… Read More »