Flight Attendant Skills for Resume

Updated on: June 1, 2019

Position Overview

Flight Attendants provide ongoing customer service to passengers and fellow cabin crew members.

They are responsible for the safety, security, and comfort of passengers; from pre-boarding the aircraft until they reach their destination.


As such, flight attendants are on the “front lines” in providing high-quality service to their customers and representing airline to the public.

To make an effective skills section for a flight attendant resume, you should mention your relevant skills and abilities from the recruiters perspective.

By reviewing the job description, you may identify the required skills such as hospitality, customer service, analytical, communication, or teamwork, and able to quote examples demonstrating that you possess them.


Each statement in your skills section should relate to the job description provided by the airline.

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The following are some key skills for a flight attendant resume. You may use 5 of these skills statements to build a resume for flight attendant position.


Flight Attendant Skills for Resume

• Highly skilled in performing pre-boarding security checks of aircraft, passengers, and baggage.

• Comprehensive knowledge of flight and emergency procedures.

• Proven ability to greet passengers and guide them regarding their seats.

• Able to help passengers in handling and storing baggage.

• Documented success in selling goods to customers on-board.

• Profound ability to operate emergency equipment effectively.

• Excellent hospitality acumen aimed at serving food and drinks.

• Ability to give tips and guidance to tourists regarding the destination.

• Demonstrated ability to use superior judgment to conduct safe and efficient flights.

• Able to ensure that galley is stocked with food and serving items for the trip.

• Exceptional first-aid and medical skills.

• Competent at conducting pre-flight safety checks of the cabin area.

• Eager to help people with special needs such as young children or people with disabilities.

• Excellent organizational and time management skills.


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