3 Flight Attendant Resume Samples [+Job Description & Skills]

Updated on: July 30, 2023

Flight attendants greet passengers, assist them with luggage and seat, and assist them throughout their time on the airplane. They serve drinks and food, ensure passengers’ safety, and maintain the order of cabin and passenger areas throughout the flight. They usually required extensive on-the-job training.

Patience, tact, and resourcefulness are the prerequisites for a flight attendant job. For international flights, airlines prefer individuals who can speak more than one language. Additionally, airlines have some physical appearance and vision requirements that candidates have to fulfill.

A flight attendant resume is a 1-2-page document that contains information about your skills and experiences as a flight attendant under different sections. If written with care, a resume can bring many interviews and jobs for you.

How to Write a Perfect Resume for Flight Attendant Position?

Writing a perfect resume for a flight attendant position requires careful attention to detail and a clear understanding of the job requirements.

Here are some tips to help you create an effective flight attendant resume:

1. Start with a Professional Summary:
Begin your resume with a concise and impactful professional summary. Highlight your relevant skills, experience, and qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for the flight attendant position.

2. Highlight Your Customer Service Skills:
Flight attendants must excel in providing excellent customer service. Emphasize your ability to effectively communicate with passengers, handle challenging situations, and deliver exceptional service.

3. Include Relevant Experience:
List your previous work experience in reverse chronological order, focusing on roles that demonstrate your customer service, communication, and problem-solving skills. Include any relevant trainings or certifications related to the aviation industry.

4. Showcase Language Proficiency:
Fluency in multiple languages is a valuable asset in the flight attendant profession. Mention your language skills, especially if you are proficient in languages commonly spoken in the airline industry.

5. Highlight Safety and Emergency Procedures:
Flight attendants must ensure the safety of passengers. Describe any training or experience you have in handling safety protocols, emergency situations, and first aid.

6. Mention Any Special Skills or Qualifications:
If you have additional qualifications that are relevant to the flight attendant role, such as experience in conflict resolution, food handling, or working with diverse populations, be sure to include them.

7. Demonstrate Attention to Detail:
As a flight attendant, attention to detail is crucial. Mention your ability to maintain a tidy and organized work environment, handle administrative tasks, and follow airline policies and procedures.

8. Use Action Verbs and Quantify Your Achievements:
When describing your previous roles and responsibilities, use action verbs to showcase your accomplishments. For example, instead of saying “assisted passengers,” say “provided assistance to over 100 passengers on a daily basis.”

9. Keep it Neat and Well-Formatted:
Ensure your resume is easy to read by using a clean and professional layout. Use bullet points to highlight key information and organize your sections logically.

10. Customize it:
Customize your resume for each job application, tailoring it to the specific requirements of the airline or company.

11. Proofread and Edit:
Before submitting your resume, proofread it carefully for any errors or typos. Ask someone else to review it as well to ensure it is error-free.

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The following are the 3 best resume examples for a flight attendant position.

Flight Attendant Resume Example 1
Experience: 10+ Years

Mary Joe
Baltimore, MD
(000) 123-7474
m.joe @ email . com

I offer a strong passion for providing excellent customer service on board.

Top-performing Flight Attendant with 13 years’ solid track record of providing exceptional services to airline passengers, all the way to their destinations. Committed to the total safety and comfort of passengers. A friendly and fun individual who works well with other cabin members in a spirited and team-oriented environment.

• Pre Flight Checks • Meal Service
• Inventory Management • Cabin Security
• Emergency Response • Safety Equipment Use
• Presentation • Food Preparation
• Baggage Assistance • Special Needs Assistance
• Equipment Handling • Grievance Addressing


Flight Attendant
Delta Airlines, Baltimore, MD
2019 – Present

  • Greet passengers as they arrive and check their tickets.
  • Guide passengers in finding their seats, escort them to their seats, and help them place their baggage.
  • Ensure that all passengers are safely seated and belted in.
  • Help children and elderly passengers to embark and disembark by providing them with physical assistance.
  • Check each seated passenger to ensure their safety and comfort.
  • Demonstrate the use of safety equipment such as oxygen masks and offered advice on what to do during emergencies.

Selected Achievements

  • Handled particularly tricky mid-air situations by treating aggressive passengers.
  • Received ‘Service Excellence Award’ owing to the delivery of exceptional service without a single complaint.

Flight Attendant
Air Canada, Toronto, ON
2015 – 2019

  • Inquired about passengers’ food and beverage preferences and prepared food items accordingly.
  • Placed food items and beverages on trolleys and carted them through cabins.
  • Served food and drinks to passengers and performed refilling tasks.
  • Assisted passengers during emergencies by providing both physical and emotional support.
  • Assisted passengers in disembarking flights and thanked them for using the service.
  • Made pre and post-flight checks and ensured that cabins were clean and food items were stocked well.

Selected Achievements

  • Introduced the concept of “Mid Air Fun” by creating several scripts of humorous announcements to put scared passengers at ease.
  • Reined in a particularly tense emergency (where the plane had to make an emergency landing due to problems with the engine) by keeping all passengers within the designated cabin away from harm.

Cabin Crew
AIR USA, Baltimore, MD
2010 – 2015

  • Greeted passengers as they arrived at the airport and assisted them by providing needed information.
  • Led passengers to flight counters while providing them with detailed information regarding flight schedules and times.
  • Provided cost information for each ticket and punched the information in the airport database.
  • Referred passengers to cash counters and assisted them through the ticket purchase process.
  • Offered support to passengers who have missed their flights by arranging for them to embark on the next available flights.
  • Ensured that all passenger areas were kept clean and maintained by coordinating efforts with the custodial staff.

40 Hours of Extensive Flight Attendant Training
Liberty University, Baltimore, MD


  • Airline Operations
  • Communication
  • Customer Service Etiquette
  • Accident Prevention/Care
  • Aircraft Safety

First Aid and CPR

Bilingual: English/Spanish

Flight Attendant Resume Sample 2
Experience: 5+ Years

Xavier Kidman
Houston, TX
(000) 698-5284
[email protected]

I am committed to making each passenger’s trip unforgettable through perfect service.

Highly diligent and customer service-oriented Flight Attendant with a strong commitment to delivering high-quality onboard services while ensuring in-flight comfort and passenger safety. Expert in maintaining compliance with safety procedures and performing pre and post-flight cockpit checks. Corporate Flight Attendant Training.

– Pre Flight Briefing – Safety Equipment Check
– Material Stocking – Product Marketing
– Customer Service – Meal Service
– Trash Collection – FAA Compliance
– Cockpit Inspection – Query Response
– Emergency Handling – Communication

• Implemented a foolproof inventory mechanism that ensured a 100% availability of stock needed onboard
• Revised the passenger safety briefing content to include the latest FAA in-flight safety protocols
• Initiated, recommended, and implemented seatback latches to facilitate safe storage of hand carry
• Briefed passengers regarding aircraft safety equipment
• Handled onboard emergencies professionally and calmly


Flight Attendant 
American Airlines, Houston, TX
8/2020 – Present
• Greet passengers and assist them in seating assignments
• Ensure onboard safety and comfort of passengers
• Maintain all aircraft safety equipment in working order
• Conduct pre-flight security inspections and briefings
• Serve meals and beverages to customers

Crew Member 
Etihad Airways, Houston, TX
6/2016 – 8/2020
• Proactively attended to customer’s requests
• Assisted passengers in luggage placement
• Handled individual requests of passengers
• Served meals and beverages
• Maintained the cabin in a neat and clean condition

Corporate Flight Attendant Training
ABC Aviation College, Austin, TX

Associate of Arts in Public Management
Duke College, Houston, TX

Member: National Business Aviation Association

Multilingual: English, Spanish, and French.

• Able to bend, stoop and work in confined spaces
• Load lifting ability up to 40 lbs

Flight Attendant Resume Example 3
Experience: 2+ Years

John Doe
698 Example Street
London, ON S9F U2D
(000) 856-9989 


Poised to make the most of my exceptional hospitality and customer service skills to achieve the highest level of passenger satisfaction and safety at ABC Airlines.


  • Over 2 years of progressively responsible experience in the airline industry
  • Flight Attendant Training – Transport Canada
  • First-aid and CPR Certified
  • Excellent hospitality skills for presenting food and drinks
  • Able to sell different products on-board
  • Excellent know-how of passenger safety protocols and flight emergency procedures
  • Proven ability to help people with special needs such as children and disabled passengers


  • Implemented security procedures and the confirmation of safety measures.
  • Coordinated the service arrangements together with food and beverage and tax-free shopping on board.
  • Completed safety inspections before take-off and landing consistently in keeping with company practices and FAA regulations.
  • Initiated and implemented a prompt expense reporting system.


Flight Attendant
Air Canada, Toronto ON
May 2022- Jul 2023

  • Greeted passengers and explained flight safety procedures
  • Served food and beverages to passengers and made flight announcements
  • Made supplies available onboard
  • Ensured the safety of passengers during take-offs, landings, and emergencies
  • Sold and marketed products of different companies during flight
  • Assisted the flight and ground crews
  • Informed and educated passengers on any unforeseen circumstances

Cabin Service Attendant
Delta Airlines, Oakland, CA
Aug 2021 – May 2022

  • Assisted in maintaining aircraft stock supplies and cleaning
  • Reported any service or stock expenses discrepancy to the PIC
  • Kept the entertainment systems in an orderly and functional condition
  • Replenished and cleaned toilets
  • Helped in emergency and non-emergency situations
  • Checked the state of the aircraft cabin
  • Provided emergency help to crew and passengers when essential

AAS Degree in Customer Service
ABC Technical College, London, ON


  • Able to work efficiently in a team environment
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate with people from different cultures
  • Responsible, realistic, and dependable
  • Customer-focused approach

Member, Canadian Association of Flight Attendants


Skills for Flight Attendant Page Image

Flight Attendant Job Description and Duties for Resume

The following is a list of duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant. These bullet statements will help you build or update the WORK EXPERIENCE or EMPLOYMENT section of your resume.

  • Perform preflight checks to ensure that the aircraft is safe, clean, and tidy for the passengers.
  • Greet passengers as they arrive and check their boarding passes.
  • Escort customers to their seats and recheck corresponding seat numbers on boarding passes.
  • Ensure that passengers are correctly seated and fastened their seat belts.
  • Count passengers before the aircraft is scheduled to fly and handle genuine requests for seat changes.
  • Educate passengers about safety and emergency measures.
  • Answer any questions and concerns of passengers.
  • Assist passengers in putting their hand luggage bags.
  • Ensure that the hand-carry compartments are properly shut before the start of the flight.
  • Make sure that every passenger is well aware of using seatbelts and oxygen masks and that both are available.
  • Distribute blankets, pillows, headsets, and newspapers after take-off.
  • Demonstrate the use of LCD screens and selection menus.
  • Provide passengers with meals and drinks.
  • Collect food packages, plates, and glasses.
  • Respond to passengers’ requests for additional beverages, snacks, or blankets.
  • Employ tactics to control unruly passengers and communicate any problems to a supervisor or pilot.
  • Report any suspicious behavior or material on board the aircraft.
  • Make take-off, landing, and touchdown announcements.
  • Assist passengers in disembarking from the airplane and bid them farewell.
  • Complete pre and post-flight reports as per standardized instructions provided by the company.

Flight Attendant Skills for Resume

Hard Skills

  • Pre-flight safety checks
  • Cabin area maintenance
  • Safe and comfortable onboard experience
  • Flight safety guidelines implementation
  • Food and beverages serving
  • Greeting passengers
  • Checking boarding passes
  • Directing passengers to their respective seats
  • Presentation
  • Service protocols for passengers with special needs
  • Calm down anxious passengers
  • Safety equipment usage
  • Emergency handling
  • Remain calm in emergencies
  • Operate all emergency exits
  • Onboard sales and upselling
  • First aid and CPR
Soft Skills
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Ability to reason, judge, and decide
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problems solving
  • Strong listening skills
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail
  • Great level of tolerance
  • Ability to stoop, bend, and stand for long periods
  • Able to work in confined spaces
  • Exceptional physical stamina
  • Able to stand for long periods of time
  • Bilingual: English and Spanish
  • Familiar with various cultures of the world

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