9 Flight Attendant Achievements for Resume

Updated January 23, 2023
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Okay! So you are in the achievements section of your flight attendant resume and you have no idea what to put in it.

Over the course of years that you have worked as a flight attendant, there must be scores of times that you have managed to do something outstanding.

Do you remember any of those moments?

Yes, those were your achievements. It is quite unfortunate that neither we nor our employers bother to remember our accomplishments unless one is so extraordinary that it receives accolades.

Accomplishments that do not receive an award are also important ones, as through them we have achieved something for the company.

So look back and make a list of things that you did that added benefit to the previous airline or company. You may have implemented a system that reduced paperwork or you could have overhauled an existing system so that it became more efficient.

Anything that you ever did which made a significant effect on your company is an accomplishment, even if it was never recognized as such.

When you mention it on your resume, you are forcing the hiring manager to acknowledge it and hope that you can do the same for his company.

This hope will bring you interviews. And that is exactly why you are writing them in the first place.

Here are examples of achievements that you can put on a resume for a flight attendant position:

Sample Achievements For Flight Attendant Resume

  1. Increased passengers satisfaction score by 80% by employing “Priority Based’ inflight services.
  2. Overhauled the preflight checking system by introducing “Constant Check” through which flight attendants are required to maintain the cabin area throughout the course of the flight.
  3. Introduced a post-flight inspection system that increased security measures by 33%.
  4. Calmed down a particularly irate passenger, throughout the course of the flight.
  5. Secured all passengers during terrifying midair turbulence.
  6. Introduced a humorous version of preflight passenger safety instructions, which went viral and resulted in increased interest in the airline.
  7. Trained 23 newly hired cabin crew members for the airline’s new range of Boeings.
  8. Streamlined inflight catering services by ensuring thorough preflight checks to make sure all supplies are available in sufficient quantity for long flights.
  9. Won the “Flight Attendant of the Year” award following an in-house popularity voting program.