American Airlines Flight Attendant Job Description

Updated on: March 22, 2022

As one of the biggest airlines operating in the United States of America, American Airlines has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

It employs many people in different positions such as airframe and power plant mechanics, ground service equipment mechanics, cabin crew, CSRs, fleet service clerks, pilots, and flight attendants.

As a flight attendant at American Airlines, you will be responsible for many tasks, including:

  • Passenger safety and assistance
  • Food and beverage service
  • Maintenance of a friendly and courteous environment inside the aircraft

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to work as a flight attendant in American Airlines, you must possess a high school diploma and a secondary education as well.

Other prerequisites for this position include a 20/30 vision, English language fluency, and your height should be between 5’2” and 6’0”.

Since American Airlines is highly committed to providing the best in-flight services, it is essential for flight attendant candidates to conform to the requirements posed by the company.

As the airline “strives to treat each customer with dignity and respect,” it is essential to be friendly and have a helpful nature.

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American Airlines Flight Attendant Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensure that the aircraft is clean before passenger embarking time.

• Stock storage area with food and beverage items along with paper plates and cups.

• Assess the quality and contents of food and beverage items and advise of any shortages.

• Check safety equipment onboard the aircraft and report any discrepancies immediately.

• Greet passengers as they arrive at the plane and verify their boarding passes and tickets.

• Assist passengers in finding their seats and help them get seated.

• Assist passengers with hand carry luggage by securing it in the overhead compartments.

• Monitor passengers’ endeavors to stow away their bags and assist them in the event of a struggle.

• Demonstrate safety measures to be taken during the flight and respond to queries put forward by passengers.

• Ensure that passengers are securely seated before takeoff.

• Announce location of emergency exits and demonstrate the use of floatation devices, oxygen masks, and seat belts.

• Distribute blankets, pillows, magazines, and headsets after takeoff and collect them all at the end of the flight.

• Offer food and beverage items to passengers and take requests for refills.

• Communicate with pilots and other crew members to report disturbances.

• Assist passengers in removing carry on items and disembarking from the plane.

• Check aircraft to ensure that no items have been left behind and report any such things to the appropriate authorities.

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