Resume writing for flight attendant position is definitely different from what it was only a few years ago. There are hundreds of candidates for each job out there, which makes it impossible for airline hiring managers to pinpoint the exact person who will do the job well. Resumes help. How? It may not be totally fair that how one presents him or herself in a resume, eventually decides if he or she is a good contender for a flight attendant position – even if in actuality, the qualifications are not all that high. Resumes need to be written following much care and precision.

How does one write a resume with precision? A resume written for a position which is so obviously “customer oriented” will need more than a regular dose of meticulousness. As a candidate for flight attendant position, you will be in constant contact with your “clients” – up in the air! You have to provide a little extra than you would in a ground job. Let us break the resume format and give you some tips about what should go in each section:

Professional Summary
This is – of course – he most important section of a flight attendant resume simply because this is where your resume begins. As a flight attendant, you need to use powerful words such as passenger-oriented, flight pre and post-checks, emergency services and physical support. These words are designed to keep the passenger comfortable and the hiring manager will be inclined to hire you, if you take customer services seriously. Do not write more than three lines here as you need to keep it to the point. But make your professional summary intense.

Skills and Competencies
This is the section where a hiring manager will decide okay, I want this person to work for me NOW! Your skills as a flight attendant should be made obvious here. You should be able to handle everything from food preparation to on-flight emergencies. Make every little skill evident in this section. Talk about your expertise in handling irate passengers if you have to. Be vocal.

Never leave this section out. Hiring managers simply love accomplished individuals. If you have been in a situation where you came out shining as a flight attendant, elaborate on it. It could be an emergency situation that you handled perfectly or you could have restrained a possible terrorist. Yes, nothing is farfetched up there!

Professional Experience
This section is the least complicated. All you have to do it list down your duties. Serving food and beverages to passengers, making sure that they are properly belted in their seats, making on-board public announcements and assisting passengers embark and disembark are just some of the duties as a flight attendant. Make sure that you do not mention a huge list of companies that you have worked for – the last two will suffice.

Education & Training
This is probably the shortest section in a resume. Mention your most recent educational degree, along with dates completed on. You can also mention any special flight attendant courses and training that you may have taken up in this section.