Flight Attendant Job Description for Resume

Updated May 31, 2019

The comfort that we receive during air travel is because of flight attendants who serve us onboard.

Flight attendants welcome passengers on aircraft, seat them and assist them throughout their time on the airplane.


They serve drinks and food, ensures passengers’ safety and maintain the order of cabin and passenger areas throughout the flight.

Candidates usually required extensive on-the-job training.

Poise, tact, and resourcefulness are the prerequisites for flight attendant job. For international flights, airlines prefer individuals who can speak more than one language.

Additionally, airlines have some physical appearance and vision requirements which candidates have to fulfill.


Following is a list of duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant. These bullet statements will help you build or update your resume.

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Sample Job Description for Flight Attendant Resume

• Perform preflight checks to ensure that the aircraft is safe, clean and tidy for the passengers

• Greet passengers as they arrive and check their boarding passes

• Escort customers to their seats and recheck corresponding seat numbers on boarding passes

• Ensure that passengers are correctly seated and fastened their seat belts

• Count passengers before the aircraft scheduled to fly and handle genuine requests for seat changes

• Educate passengers about safety and emergency measures

• Answer any questions and concerns of passengers

• Assist passengers in putting their hand luggage bags

• Ensure that the hand carry compartments are properly shut before the start of the flight

• Make sure that every passenger is well aware of using seatbelts and oxygen masks and that both are available

• Distribute blankets, pillows, headsets, and newspapers after take off

• Demonstrate the use of LCD screens and selection menus

• Provide passengers with meals and drinks

• Collect food packages, plates, and glasses

• Respond to passengers’ requests for additional beverages, snacks or blankets

• Employ tactics to control unruly passengers and communicate any problems to a supervisor or pilot

• Report any suspicious behavior or material on board the aircraft

• Make take off, landing and touchdown announcements

• Assist passengers in disembarking from the airplane and bid them farewell

• Complete pre and post flight reports as per standardized instructions provided by the company

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