Food Service Resume Sample

Updated on: May 23, 2021

Since the resume is a personal introduction to a prospective employer, it should be able to convey a lasting, positing the first impression.

Well-written resumes are always clear, logically organized, and attractive. A resume sample for a food service position is provided below for your reference:

Sample Resume for Food Service Jobs

Mark Brown
82 Asher Pass, Milan, MI 48521 
(999) 999-9999
markbrown @ email . com


Self-starter, capable of effectively functioning well in any role within the foodservice arena. A team player, who is attentive to details and ensures delivery of top-quality food service to customers. Specialized courses in food preparation and serving, premises sanitation, and self-hygiene, pertinent to restaurant and café environments.  First-hand experience in overseeing the daily operations of the restaurant to ascertain appropriate food service delivery. Demonstrated expertise in monitoring compliance with food health and safety regulations regarding food preparation and serving. Track record of effectively monitoring budgets and staff schedules to ensure that expenditures are authorized and staff members are available to cover all shifts.

• Portion Sizes
• Garnishing
• Food Safety
• Aesthetic Presentation
• F&B Management
• Standards Establishment
• Record-keeping
• Flavor Conformity
• Performance Evaluation
• Consumption Estimation
• Budgeting
• Supplies Inventory


Food Service Manager
(6/2014 to Present)
• Create staff schedules to ensure that all restaurant shifts are covered properly
• Assist in creating menus and recipes according to the particular tastes of the local clientele
• Hire, train, and schedule staff members to ensure that they work according to the restaurant’s policies
• Create and maintain budgets and ensure that all activities are done within them
• Liaise with vendors and suppliers to endure high quality and timely delivery of supplies and ingredients
• Oversee food preparation duties and ensure that they are being done in accordance to health and hygiene protocols
• Look over kitchen facilities, ensure that equipment and tools are cleaned and maintained properly and that all tasks are being performed in a smooth and safe manner
• Design menus and ensure that menu items are tweaked according to customers’ requirements
• Establish targets for staff members and assist them in meeting them by providing them with proactive assistance
• Handle customers’ complaints and ensure that they are resolved immediately in a bid to guarantee repeat business

Key Achievements
• Set a series of standards to check flavor conformity which reduced time taken to adjust flavorings by 50%
• Created a diet menu for health-conscious customers, which increased customer base by 33%
• Implemented food safety standards, thereby reducing the chance of food spoilage by 88%
• Trained 55 food preparers in effectively handling food preparation duties in accordance to food safety procedures

Food Service Worker
(1/2010 to 6/2014)
• Provided support in overseeing food preparation activities
• Acted as a liaison between managers and kitchen staff to ensure smooth restaurant operations
• Assisted in menu and recipe creation and purchasing goods by maintaining liaison with suppliers and vendors
• Ensured that all staff members comply with health and safety regulations
• Handled payrolls and light financial duties such as balancing cash drawers

Associate of Arts in Food Service Management
MILAN COLLEGE, Milan, MI – 2009