Fast Food Assistant Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 20, 2019

Position Overview

A job as a fast food assistant manager is easy to handle if you have worked in this capacity before.

However, you must know what the work entails if you haven’t worked in this position before.


Even if you have, you must go through the job description before you apply for the job.

As a fast food assistant manager, your main work will be to oversee the work of restaurant staff members.

Training newly hired staff members, and ensuring that the ongoing training needs of existing staff members are met will also be part of your work.

At times, you will also be required to talk to customers or patrons so as to determine if they are satisfied with the restaurant’s services.


Eligibility Criteria

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a fast food assistant manager. However, if you have a degree in management, you may be considered a good contender to hire.

A list of duties specific to the position of a fast food assistant manager position is provided here:

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Fast Food Assistant Manager Job Description for Resume

• Oversee the work if greeter staff in order to ensure that customers feel welcome

• Ensure that patrons are comfortably seated, and are being served

• Monitor the work of servers and waiters so as to ensure delivery of excellent services

• Create and maintain a channel of communication between front and back house operations

• Develop staff schedules, and ensure that duties are communicated to every staff member

• Oversee the carrying out of assigned duties on a shift basis

• Create and maintain effective relationships with vendors and suppliers

• Monitor the inflow of food supplies, and ensure proper storage

• Keep detailed records of all received supplies, by effectively logging them in

• Ensure that compliance with procedures and protocols is made a priority

• Supervise food preparation tasks, ensuring that al hygiene standards are met

• Manage the financial end of the restaurant by controlling operational costs and managing budgets

• Appraise staff performance, and ensure that ongoing training needs are continuously met

• Respond to customers’ queries and complaints, aimed at ensuring repeat business opportunities

• Interview and screen new staff members, and train them to work in accordance with rules and regulation

• Create and maintain reports and logs of restaurant operations on a daily basis

• Resolve staff grievances by performing mediating tasks

• Ensure consistent food quality at all times

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