Food Service Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 23, 2021

Exceptional acumen with technology, language abilities, and research skills are not the only types of skills that are important in effective resume writing.

While these three may be imperative to almost every type of job that you can think of, there are so many others, without which you cannot really put yourself forward as the best applicant for the job.

Skills – let’s call them employability skills – are important for one main reason. And that is to show the employer that you are everything that he wants – and more. If you generalize your skills in a resume, chances are that you will not be considered such a great applicant.

Communication skills, for instance, are a given. They are important in every role, across every industry. So unless you are applying for a position that requires communication as a prerequisite, there really isn’t any need to mention it.

However, other job-related skills are definitely important to mention in your resume. If you are a food service manager, your ability to handle staffing issues and monitoring food and beverage functions will be considered your skills. If you are a teacher, your ability to create and implement lesson plans will need to be communicated to the employer. It is all situation-dependent.

Sample Skills for Food Service Resume

• Special talent for creating menus and correlating recipes according to gross customer-base’s specific tastes.
• Track record of effectively and efficiently handling staff scheduling duties to ensure appropriate shift coverage.
• Skilled in investigating and resolving complaints regarding food quality and service.
• Focused on ensuring exceptional food service delivery through dedicated training programs and conformance to quality control standards.
• Adept at overseeing food preparation methods, portion sizes, and garnishing activities to ensure conformance to presentation standards.
• Particularly effective in monitoring budgets and payroll records and handling reviews of financial transactions, to ensure authorization of expenditures.
• Specialized courses in food aesthetics and preparation, aimed at providing customers with novel tastes and presentations.
• Hands-on experience in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the restaurant and handling supplies and equipment procurement activities.
• Proven record of ensuring that all foodservice programs follow appropriate sanitation procedures.
• Excellent skills in controlling food costs, ascertaining conformance to sanitation and quality, and training food service workers to work optimally.

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