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Food Service Aide Resume Sample and Template

Your resume for the foodservice aide position is an excellent document as it does great things. You can show all that you want, and you will be judged accordingly. But there is also a limit that you have to remain within. For instance, a resume is never about your hobbies and interests (unless specifically asked… Read More »

Food Service Aide Cover Letter Sample

Cover letters for food service aide position can be written using many different ways – and all of them are correct. Remember that the primary purpose of a cover letter is to focus the reader’s attention on the enclosed resume. If it does not do that, it is not considered a good read. For your… Read More »

Sample Resume for Food Service Technician

Foodservice technicians work at cafeterias of healthcare or hospitality settings. They are responsible for preparing and providing trays in addition to stocking the same where required. As a matter of fact, they need to demonstrate excellent customer service skills throughout their shift. When applying for the position of Food Service Technician, you’ll need to build a… Read More »