Food Service Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

The food service supervisor cover letter is a very useful tool for candidacy marketing – if used smartly. You can write a compelling food service supervisor cover letter based on the following guidelines.

Food Service Supervisor Cover Letter Tips

• Identify the most selling points of your candidacy and outline the same in your cover letter.

• It is easy to convince the employers if you mention relevant experience in an accomplishment based manner.

• Aligning your skills and competencies with the ones required by the employers is also crucial in convincing them that you are a viable candidate.

• Never send out a cover letter that has errors. Read it many times and even ask your friends to read it for you. Consider the feedback you get.

Below is an effective sample of cover letter for food service supervisor resume.

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Food Service Supervisor Cover Letter Example



Graham Samuel

480 Heather Lane • Harbor City, CA 62001 • (009) 201-9654 • [Email]

May 3, 2018

Mr. Daniel Raymond
HR Manager
NW Hospital
76 Yale Ave
Harbor City, CA 62001


Dear Mr. Raymond:

If NW Hospital requires a dependable Food Service Supervisor who is well versed in handling busy food service teams serving a high volume of patients and clients on a daily basis while maintaining high food quality standards, then I am your candidate.

The competencies I offer:

• Sound knowledge of food sanitation standards.

• Track record of delivering top quality food services.

• Proven food service personnel management and mentoring skills.

In my previous job, I was responsible for directing and supervising the activities of food service workers. Thoroughly familiar with institutional kitchen equipment operation, I bring demonstrated leadership skills with the ability to hold my team responsible for the assigned tasks. In addition to being responsible for monitoring the patient’s food service, I also bring a sound reputation in efficiently running the hospital’s cafeteria.

The NW Hospital could be benefited from my expertise in maintaining excellent standards of food service and quality based on efficient coordination and evaluation of customer service needs. I would like an opportunity to discuss the position in detail and to establish my candidacy further.

I will call you on Thursday to set up an interview date and time. In the interim, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Graham Samuel

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