Fast Food Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on June 23, 2019

Fast food attendants work primarily for fast food joints, restaurants, and cafeterias.

Their primary duty is to take and prepare orders, seat customers, and operate cash machines.


Since working as a fast food attendant means that you will be working in an extremely fast-paced environment, you have to have great physical stamina.

Working in a customer service-oriented environment, fast food attendants need to be highly knowledgeable in providing exceptional customer services.

Since the food service industry runs on how satisfied its customers are, it is essential for fast food attendants to understand the importance of retaining customers to ensure recurring business.



The following Fast Food Attendant Resumes Sample is designed for those seeking employment in a fast food setting.

Don’t send a generic resume when applying for a fast food job, but tailor it as per the employer’s requirements.


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Fast Food Attendant Resume Sample



Robert Hansen
9300 Washington Ave, Nashua, NH 78222
(000) 900-3256


Ambitious, high-performing hospitality professional with 7 years of experience working in restaurants and fast food joints. Focused on providing exceptional customer services by employing customer retention techniques. Highly knowledgeable about the culinary aspect of the foodservice industry.

• Awarded Certificates of Achievement for the provision of exceptional customer services in 2012 and 2013.
• Achieved success in increasing customer base by 60% by providing valuable input into menu development activities.
• Introduced a supplies inventory system which was responsible for cutting costs by 22% owing to detailed management and dispersion of supplies.
• Increased takeaway sales by 30% by introducing three “meal deal” plans.


Fast Food Attendant
Marketplace Deli, Nashua, NH | 2013 – Present

• Greet customers when they arrive at the establishment and assist them by seating them
• Provide customers with menus and assist them in choosing items
• Take orders and provide customers with information on a delivery timeline
• Ensure that customers’ orders are relayed to the kitchen properly
• Expedite orders to make sure they reach customers in a time-efficient manner
• Punch orders into redefined database and repeat orders to make sure they have been taken correctly
• Provide customers with payment information and take and process payments
• Make sure that correct change is tendered
• Pack customers’ orders and make sure that any condiments are added
• Ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of both customer and work areas

Hospitality Aide
Chick-Fil-A Fast, Nashua, NH | 2009 – 2013

• Took and punched orders into the restaurant’s database
• Provided customers with payment information
• Ensured that proper order is relayed to the kitchen
• Verified order items and packed them properly for taking away
• Served dine-in orders to customers
• Ensured that tables and chairs are adequately cleaned
• Cleaned and sanitized work areas and counters

Graduated in 2008
The Hebrew High School, Nashua, NH

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