Fast Food Shift Leader Skills for Resume

Updated on: March 4, 2018

The first question any employer will ask you at an interview is why we should hire you?

That is a question that needs to be answered much before the interview stage – so that when you reach this stage, you know exactly what to say!

But preparing for an interview is not the only reason why you should know how to answer this. Your resume – the first document that you will ever write, and the first one that the employer will read – must have an entire section dedicated to your skills.

For each position that you apply to, a correlating skills section is important to include in your resume. This will show the employer that you have what it takes to do the job, and you are not shy to highlight your skills.

For an employer who has never met you, it is essential to know what qualities you possess that will help you in contributing to an organization. And the only way that he or she can find this out is if you tell them. So the next time you need to update your resume, do not forget to add this vital part to it.

And to see how skills should be highlighted on a resume, refer to the list of skills statements below:


Sample Skills for a Fast Food Shift Leader Resume


• Demonstrated ability to create schedules for each crew member and follow up on their activities on a daily basis.

• Highly experienced in ensuring that each crew member meets the standards set of food and customer service delivery.

• Track record of monitoring crew members on a regular basis to ensure that they are providing high-quality customer services.

• Well-versed in managing inventory of supplies and restaurant equipment by creating and maintaining effective liaison with vendors and suppliers.

• Talented in ensuring a safe, secure and hygienic environment for customers by performing core maintenance and environmental safety activities.

• Competent in handling food preparation and packing duties in events of high customer traffic or low staff attendance.

• Proficient in maintaining a positive work environment by providing constant encouragement to crew members, especially during rush hours.

• Adept at training kitchen members in following appropriate safety procedures, including knife handling and kitchen equipment operations.

• Deeply familiar with food quality check standards and protocols, and adherence to health and safety standards.

• Documented success in handling huge customer influx by providing consistently good customer services.

• Effectively able to handle customers’ complaints in a bid to ensure repeat business opportunities.