Fast Food Worker Job Description for Resume

Updated on March 27, 2014

As the job title confirms, fast food workers work in restaurants that serve fast food. They are responsible for providing customers with excellent service by making sure that their orders are taken correctly and food is delivered on time. As an initial contact between customers and the restaurant, fast food workers are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and recurring business. Fast food workers take customers’ complaints and suggestions and ensure that each is addressed properly.

Fast food workers are trained to speak to customers in a welcoming manner that is targeted at converting them into patrons. The food service industry is very picky about whom it hires; since customers are an organization’s chief asset, it is important to hire just the right people to serve them. Since there are many different types of fast food restaurants, fast food workers are required to perform different types of duties depending on where they work. The person you see taking your order on a drive through window is also a fast food worker but performs different duties than one taking your order while you sit in a restaurant.

Sample Job Description for Fast Food Worker Resume

• Greet customers as they enter in a restaurant / arrive at a drive through window

• Assist patrons and guests in locating appropriate seating arrangements

• Provide customers with the menu and inform them of daily specials

• Assist customers in making ordering decisions

• Take food orders and provide customers with information on ingredients when inquired

• Offer welcome drinks and take orders for drinks or coffee

• Provide order information to the kitchen staff ensuring that any special requests by the customers are met

• Make sure that orders are prepared in a timely manner

• Ensure accuracy of order before serving it to customer

• Serve orders to customers and ask them if they would like anything else to complement their orders

• Assist with preparing and packing food items

• Ensure that water is refilled periodically

• Provide customers with checks at the end of the meal and take cash

• Process cash, credit cards or checks at the cash register and return change

• Collect dirty dishes and return to the kitchen

• Make sure that tables are cleaned and set with dishware, glasses and flatware

• Ensure that tablecloths are changed for each new customer

• Assist the banquet staff in preparing and setting banquet tables

• Provide assistance to caterers at social functions within the restaurant

• Take customers’ complaints and suggestions and relay them to restaurant managers