McDonald’s Resume Sample [+Job Description]

Updated: February 6, 2023

The first step in applying for a job at McDonald’s is to write a compelling resume. This step will open doors for a successful career and bring many interviews.

How to Write a Great Resume to Apply for a Job at McDonald’s?
  1. Split your resume into different sections such as objective/summary, skills, qualifications, experiences, and education.
  2. Start with an objective or summary statement showing how you can contribute to the operations of McDonald’s.
  3. Do not use a pre-built resume template.
  4. Keep your resume simple and to the point. Fancy fonts and styles make a resume unreadable and less attractive.
  5. Proofread before sending your resume.

Here is a sample resume to help you craft your resume for a job at McDonald’s in 2023 and 2024. Feel free to customize it as per your requirements.

McDonald’s Resume Example (Crew Member)

William Cutter
5543 Riversville Road
Greenwich, CT 66636
(000) 659-9896
[email protected]

Hardworking and reliable individual, with over 2 years of experience working in busy fast-food environments. Looking for a Crew Member position with McDonald’s where my exceptional customer service, POS handling, and food preparation skills will be fully utilized to increase revenue significantly.

• Demonstrated ability to greet customers, operate POS, and handle cash.
• Able to guide customers regarding the menu and exclusive deals.
• Highly skilled in handling kitchen and food preparation tasks.
• Enthusiastic to provide excellent first-tier services to customers.

• MS Office Suite
• POS software


Team Member
KFC – Greenwich, CT
May 2021 – Present
Key Achievements
• Achieved the “Crew Member of the Month Award” owing to excellent drive-thru service provision.
• Never faced a cash register shortage.
• Exceeded cleanliness and hygiene standards in all internal quality checks.
• Attained 100% 5-star customer reviews.
Key Responsibilities
• Greet customers, take and assemble orders and receive payments.
• Clean the restaurant according to the restaurant’s sanitation procedures and policies.
• Cook and prepare food for packing or serving.
• Check equipment to ensure it is working efficiently.
• Back up crew members in the event of absences and work overload.
• Check food and supplies stock and maintain inventory.
• Help drivers in offloading while moving raw materials and supplies to appropriate and designated places.
• Assist new crew members with on-the-job training.

Customer Service Representative
Domino’s Pizza – Greenwich, CT
Feb 2021 – May 2021
Key Responsibilities
• Performed order-taking and cash-handling tasks.
• Stocked ingredients from the delivery area to storage, work area, and walk-in cooler.
• Received and processed telephonic orders.
• Managed inventory and completed the relevant paperwork.
• Cleaned equipment and work area.

High School Diploma
Greenwich High School, Greenwich, CT

Bilingual: English and Spanish.

• Great communication skills
• Good time management skills
• Can-do attitude
• Ability to work in a team-oriented busy environment
• Known for taking and following instructions precisely
• Able to work efficiently without supervision

McDonald’s Crew Member Job Duties and Responsibilities

The following job description will help you build the EXPERIENCE section of your resume.

  • Greet customers as they arrive at the drive-through window or the counter
  • Ask customers if they would like to dine in or take away their order
  • Provide customers with information on deals and discounts
  • Suggest menu items according to customers’ specific likes
  • Take orders for burgers, fries, shakes, wraps, and drinks and punch them into the ordering system
  • Provide customers with information on total costs and process cash and credit card payments
  • Tender change and receipts after carefully counting and checking both
  • Relay orders to the backend and perform follow-up duties to ensure that the order is delivered on time
  • Pack customers’ orders for takeaway and ensure that any condiments such as ketchup are included
  • Set trays for dine-in customers and provide them with information on the location of the condiments dispenser
  • Ensure that the counter is kept clean and sanitized at all times
  • Balance cash registers at the end of each shift and handle any discrepancies on an immediate basis
  • Make sure that supplies such as napkins and condiments are in stock and inform managers of any supply shortages

Education and Skills Requirements

To work as a crew member at McDonald’s it is imperative that you possess a high school diploma or a GED, along with possessing exceptional listening, reading, and verbal communication skills.

Since it is very important to get the order right in the first place, it helps immensely if you are a stickler for perfection.

Final Thought

Being a McDonald’s crew member is no easy job. But it is worth it. Working for one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, you will be taught a lot about customer service and food service handling.

As a McDonald’s crew member, you will be required to be polite, customer-service oriented, and extremely hardworking.

If you can stand for long periods of time, take orders accurately, and handle the POS system well, you are already half-trained.

Joining McDonald’s as a crew member, you will get some immediate benefits, including advancement opportunities and training and development chances. Also, you do not need any formal education to apply for this position – a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to be eligible.

Of course, you will have to sign the confidentiality agreement that states that you cannot divulge McDonald’s secret recipes!

But imagine working in an environment where you get to smell (and taste) food gorgeousness every day! Probably a dream come true for many food lovers!

So check the following list. Are you / do you:

  1. Friendly
  2. Accurate by nature
  3. Possess food preparation knowledge
  4. Able to use the POS system efficiently
  5. Organized
  6. Multitasker

If the answer to all the above is yes, let’s move on so that we can provide you with information on what a McDonald’s crew member does on a typical workday:

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