Top 10 McDonald’s Resume Objective Examples

Updated: February 6, 2023

In order to apply for a job at Mcdonald’s, you will need to write a resume starting with an objective statement.

Here are 3 tips on writing an effective resume objective statement followed by 10 sample objectives.

  1. The objective is the first section of your resume. Make it employer-centered instead of self-centered.
  2. Write your relevant skills and experience in a few words.
  3. Show your passion to work for the employer.

Sample Objectives for Mcdonald’s Resume

Crew Member Objectives

1. Diligent and hardworking crew member with a friendly disposition and excellent communication skills, seeking employment at Mcdonald’s. Eager to provide exceptional customer service and get 5-star reviews by using my skills in operating POS, taking orders, handling cash and credit cards, and assembling food.

2. Passionate crew member with excellent interpersonal skills and great attention to detail, eager to be a part of McDonald’s crew. Enthusiastic about ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly by using my experience in greeting customers, taking orders, assembling meals, obtaining payments, and working in the drive-thru.

3. Energetic and sociable individual with 3 years of experience working at fast food restaurants, seeking an opportunity to deliver top-notch customer service at Mcdonald’s. Offering unmatched skills in meal assembly, table clearing, order taking, food service, and cleaning.

4. Friendly, reliable, and punctual crew member, known for connecting with customers and ensuring they have a positive experience. Excited to become a part of Mcdonald’s as a crew member. Capable of working effectively in a fast-paced environment.

5. In search of a job as a crew member at Mcdonald’s Hamilton, NY where my communication and customer service skills can be put to effective use. Strong team player with a track record of processing and serving orders efficiently in a fast-paced and busy environment. Willing to work irregular hours (day and night shifts).

6. Hardworking and friendly individual who enjoys working with people, seeking work with Mcdonald’s Newyork Downtown. Enthusiastic to use my skills in taking orders, preparing and assembling food, handling POS operations service, and billing. Knowledge of OSHA hygiene and sanitation guidelines.

7. People service-oriented college student with a current food handler’s license, seeking work as a crew member with Mcdonald’s. Bringing strong attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and in-depth knowledge of hygiene and sanitation protocols applicable to commercial kitchens.

Manager Objectives

8. Highly experienced team manager with 5+ years of track record of success in the fast food industry. Offering unparalleled skills in managing the food service team, scheduling, and assigning tasks to increase the profits of Mcdonald’s.

9. Accomplished and dedicated shift in charge with a decade of experience working for different fast food chains, seeking work as a Manager at McDonald’s. Offering expertise in staff management, quality assurance, and shift-end cash balancing to increase profits and decrease overhead costs.

10. Seasoned crew supervisor with 3 years of experience in fast food chains, desirous of working in a similar role with Mcdonald’s. Expertise includes shift management, customer service, and quality assurance.

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