McDonalds Cook Cover Letter Sample

Updated February 14, 2019

Working as a cook at McDonald’s is many people’s dream job.

And if you are hoping to apply for this position, you must ensure that your cover letter speaks volumes about you.

In your cover letter for a McDonald’s cook position, make sure that you highlight your previous experience and skills.

For instance, you must tell a hiring manager all about your ability to cook burgers, fries, and chicken according to specified recipes. Also, you must highlight how well you can pack orders.

Additionally, your cover letter must focus on your knowledge of maintaining and cleaning grills and fryers.

Essentially, your cover letter should tell the recruiter that you are the best out of the lot. This can only be done if you make good use of your skills information.

Telling the recruiter that your past experience has developed great skills is important.

A cover letter for a McDonald’s cook position is provided here for you to refer to before you write your own:


McDonalds Cook Cover Letter Sample


February 14, 2019

Mr. Fred Stone
Human Resources Manager
398 New Road SE
Lansing, MI 52021


Dear Mr. Stone:

I have always aspired to work as a cook at McDonald’s, and have only recently obtained the chance to apply for one. Since I have worked in a similar fast food joint before, I am quite well-suited to work here. Please go through the enclosed resume for further details on my experience.

Over the 3 years that I have worked as a cook at Hungry Jacks, I have learned much. Following recipes exactly to ensure that the right end food product is created is my strongest point. Also, I am talented in quickly processing food orders, so as to meet timelines. Moreover, I focus on quality so that food preparation processes are quick but in accordance with quality metrics.

My skills in performing preventative as well as regular maintenance on grills, fryers, refrigerators, and other equipment are exceptional. And I possess demonstrated expertise in handling food rotation duties.

Since working at McDonald’s is a passion for me, I am sure that I will be able to do justice to the work. It would be an absolute pleasure to further discuss my suitability for the job with you.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



Jane P. Simon

Enc: (Resume)

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