McDonald’s Assistant Manager Job Description and Duties

Updated on: April 21, 2021

McDonald’s Assistant Manager Position Overview

Like all other fast-food chains, McDonald’s also hires many people to ensure that operations are run smoothly and that customers are satisfied.

One of these positions is that of an assistant manager who is responsible for providing support to the manager’s work. An assistant manager in McDonald’s will ensure that all the aspects of operating a large fast food joint are coordinated and that there are no issues that will affect either the staff or customers.

To work as an assistant manager at McDonald’s, you will have to display exceptional leadership qualities. Since you will be responsible for a huge part of restaurant operations, it is important that you know what customer services are all about. You will need to be well-organized and highly driven to ensure the quality of food service and delivery of exceptional food services.

You will be doing this for two primary goals – establishing and maintaining McDonald’s reputation and ensuring repeat business through customer loyalty.

In order to work at this position, you will need a high school diploma at the very minimum and some experience in working in a similar position. If you have a degree in management, you might be considered a good option to hire.

Some typical duties that you will be asked to perform in an assistant manager role at McDonald’s include:

Assistant Manager McDonald’s Job Description

• Greet customers when they arrive and ensure that they are being properly looked after by crew members
• Assist manager in creating employee schedules and ensuring that any unfilled positions are taken over immediately
• Distribute schedules and provide information to crew members on the day’s duties
• Ascertain that each crew member is rotated on a regular basis so that he or she can learn the dynamics of all jobs within the restaurant
• Oversee the general cleanliness and sanitization of counters and restaurant areas
• Assist in troubleshooting kitchen and dispensing equipment to make sure that work customer service is not affected
• Ensure that all menu items are constantly available
• Coordinate efforts with suppliers to ensure that supplies are procured in a time-efficient manner
• Maintain inventory of supplies and equipment and ensure that any repairs and maintenance needs are seen promptly
• Supervise the acceptance of all takeaway orders by ensuring proper food quality
• Handle POS balancing by counting cash at the end of each shift and ensuring that any discrepancies are immediately addressed
• Assist manager in interviewing, hiring, and training crew members