A good cover letter for McDonald’s job can boost your chances of employment. Your cover letter must go together with your McDonalds Resume; these two documents are supposed to unite to explain all of the reasons why this fast food chain should hire you. A cover letter can effectively wrap the gaps in your resume and explain your supplementary qualifications and achievements. Its inclusion essential when applying for any kind of McDonalds job.

Even if a job listing does not specify the need of a cover letter, make sure you enclose one with your resume. A well formatted cover letter makes a job application complete by adding a touch of professionalism and ensuring that the recruiter knows what the candidate is all about in terms of personal attributes and skills.


McDonald’s Cover Letter Example (Crew Member)


Emma Watson
23 Natalia Way
Cocoa City, AK 02642
(000) 888-7777

January 9, 2015

Mr. Peter Pan
Hiring Manager
928 Beach Road
Cocoa City, AK 67633


Dear Mr. Pan:

I am very interested in applying for Crew Member position at McDonald’s Cocoa City. As a hardworking, honest and friendly high school graduate, I have lots of energy and enthusiasm to offer to this position. I’m confident that my abilities will enable me to become a key member of McDonald’s.

My summer employment at Burger King has prepared me well to work in a fast paced environment. Being a friendly and passionate multitasker, I find it easy to converse with customers while placing their orders correctly. I am able to greet customers, handle cash, and assist kitchen staff and ready to perform every other assigned task. I understand the need to be cheerful in all circumstances especially during stress times on weekends.

Due to my strong adaptability and willingness to learn and deliver on a continuing basis, I am able to train new crew members in terms of customer services, food preparation and packing and other duties.

My attached resume will provide you a detailed account of my experience and skills. I’d like to meet with you in order to discuss this job opening in detail. I’ll call you in the week of January 15th to follow-up on my job application – and will be available on my cell at (000) 888-7777 in the interim.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Emma Watson

Attached: Resume