Fast Food Crew Member Job Description for Resume

Updated on: December 20, 2016

Position Overview

Crew members working in fast food restaurants need to be highly service-oriented. Since they are usually the only people customers interact with when they place their orders, it is important for them to create a positive impression on customers. A person working as a fast food crew member will welcome customers, inquire into their orders, record orders, and ensure timely and accurate delivery of food.


Eligibility criteria to work as a fast food crew member is a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. Some experience or exposure to working in a similar capacity will of course work wonders for your job application. When a hiring manager looks through your profile, he will want to see an individual who is customer service-oriented, can handle more than one customer at a time, possesses insight into operating ordering and POS systems, and has the capability of up selling the restaurant’s food and beverage items.

Other requirements to work as a fast food crew member include experience in performing food preparation activities, and ensuring that food wastage is minimized. Some of your main duties as a crew member in a fast food restaurant will include:

Sample Job Description for Fast Food Crew Member Resume

• Greet customers as they approach the order counter and present them with the menu
• Assist them in choosing food items according to their specific tastes and likes
• Make suggestions on what to order and provide information of available deals and sidelines
• Take customers’ orders and punch them into the system after verifying it’s accuracy
• Perform up selling activities by encouraging customers to upsize their meals
• Provide customers with payment information and process credit card and cash transactions in an accurate manner
• Tender change and receipts and provide customers with a timeline for their orders
• Relay orders to the kitchen area and assist kitchen staff in preparing orders according to instructions
• Pack orders in appropriate bags and include condiments such as sauces and dips
• Hand over customers’ orders to them in a time-efficient manner and thank them for their business
• Respond to requests for extras according to company policies and ensure that any complaints are properly managed, aimed at customer retention
• Ascertain that counters are kept clean and sanitized at all times
• Assist with kitchen equipment maintenance and waste disposal activities
• Balance cash registers at the end of each shift and ensure that any discrepancies are handled in an immediate fashion
• Ascertain that there is sufficient change available at the beginning of each shift