7 Sample Accomplishments as a Truck Driver [+ Guidance]

Updated on: March 29, 2020
Truck Driver Accomplishments and Achievements Page Image

We usually confuse our regular job duties with our accomplishments since we often run around in the rut of professional life.

However, it is imperative to separate the two – they are not the same.

Your accomplishments as a truck driver are duties that created results or made a tangible effect on you or your surroundings.

On the other hand, your job duties are regular activities that you have no choice but to perform each workday.

How to Write?

Take a moment to list down all your job duties and see what you have accomplished by performing them.

You will be surprised to know that you have done a lot that has gone unacknowledged. Make it a point to have these acknowledged now – by writing them down in your resume.

Accomplishments statements go a long way in charting you out as a professional who knows his work and can handle the pressure of a high demanding job. And that is exactly the kind of person all employers look for.

But there is a certain way in which a truck driver’s accomplishments statement is written in a truck driver resume – a way that makes it look appealing to hire you.

Here is how you can write one:

Sample Accomplishments as a Truck Driver

1. Successfully managed to make the last delivery on the route, during the floods of 2015, without damaging any package.

2. Averted potential harm to the truck and the merchandise it was carrying by recognizing signs of a pileup and immediately turning the truck to avoid a head-on collision.

3. Trained 12 newly hired truck drivers in performing preventative maintenance on their vehicles, as part of a detailed driver training process.

4. Hold record for no accidents or mishaps since the attainment of commercial truck driver’s license, owing to an exceptionally careful attitude while on the road.

5. Introduced a dynamic logging system for deliveries, increasing efficiency of communication with the base dock by 66%.

6. Created and implemented internal vehicle roadworthiness tests which contributed to the success of each of company vehicle passing the government-administered test.

7. Implemented placement of load securing devices, in accordance with federal DOT requirements, making it easier for the company to fulfill the required specifications for each truck.