Truck Driver Skills and Abilities for Resume (9 Examples)

Updated on: June 23, 2022

Employers always look for skilled truck drivers to handle their transportation needs.

Since most of the time, it is impossible to tell how skilled a person is before he or she is hired, employers take the applicants’ word that they are indeed quite qualified for the job.

Both the truck driver resume and the cover letter are great avenues to discuss your skills and make the employer aware of how well you can fit into his organization because of how skilled you are.

Remember that the employer has very little time on his hands – and even less patience – so he needs something solid to work on. Something that will develop his interest immediately.

Here is how a truck driver can elicit his skills and abilities in a cover letter and/or a resume:

8 Sample Skills and Abilities for Truck Driver Resume

  1. Driving and maintaining different types of trucks, including lorries and pickup automobiles.
  2. Loading and unloading haul on and off delivery trucks by paying special attention to the safety of each item.
  3. Using both standard maps and the GPS system to map out short and safe routes to destinations.
  4. Navigating through city roads and on intercity tracks to ensure the timely and safe delivery of items.
  5. Delivering items to correct addresses
  6. Using the radio system to provide feedback on delivery statuses to the office.
  7. Handling delivery-related paperwork such as receipt signing, by following established company protocols.
  8. Performing both preventative and regular maintenance on assigned trucks, in a bid to ensure increased life of engines, parts, and bodies.
  9. Providing feedback to supervisors regarding repair, maintenance, and replacement needs of assigned trucks parts and engines.