Box Truck Driver Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 18, 2021

Position Overview

A box truck is a vehicle that has a frame at the backend on which a box is secured.

These trucks are primarily used by movers and suppliers – they have a lot of capacity to hold huge items. Box truck drivers may be asked for particularly as they will know just how to drive a monstrous vehicle on busy roads!

As a box truck driver, you will need to perform a lot of the duties of a regular truck driver. You will need to be knowledgeable about the workings of a box truck engine, how the big box at the rear is secured, and of course, the delivery part of the job, which is basically why you will be hired for this position.

You will also need to possess information about different routes and safe driving on long hauls.

Here is a list of common duties and responsibilities of a box truck driver. You may use these phrases to build your resume.

Job Description for Box Truck Driver Resume

• Take orders for delivery of items from one place to another.
• Assist in loading the box truck with deliverable items and ensure that they are safely stacked inside.
• Plan appropriate routes by using conventional maps and GPS.
• Drive box truck on approved routes, keeping timescales in mind.
• Remap routes in case of roadblock brought on due to accidents or bad weather.
• Ask for recipient identification before handing over items to them.
• Assist in unloading and placing items in recipient-desired areas.
• Take recipients’ signatures on receipts and accept cash or check payments.
• Keep in constant contact with the base area to provide information regarding time management and deliveries.
• Drive box trucks back to the base station and give a full verbal or written report of the day’s deliveries.
• Perform preventative and general maintenance on the truck’s engine and the box area.
• Ascertain that the assigned box truck is washed and cleaned from the inside and the outside on a regular basis.
• Report any incident or accident while on the route in a prompt manner.
• Ensure that the box truck is properly docked in its assigned space when not in use.