Dump Truck Driver Resume Sample

Updated on: February 15, 2021

Dump truck driving falls under the broad category of heavy vehicle driving. The specific position demands loading, unloading, and transportation of dumped material usually to and from construction sites.

The job demands enhanced physical stamina, sharp senses, and a precautious attitude towards work to avoid an accident.

Your resume for this position needs to showcase superb and watchful driving skills accompanied by the ability to operate dump truck machinery for digging, scraping, loading, and unloading.  

Look at the example below to get a clear idea.

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Dump Truck Driver Resume Sample

David Jacob
78 Benchmark Ave, Portland, OR 56773
(002) 444-5555 
david @ email .com


Meticulous and dependable CDL Category A dump truck driver with over 9+ years’ diverse experience in driving heavy vehicles. Proficient in driving loaded dump trucks on long routes. Highly skilled in operating digging and scraping machinery efficiently to clear construction sites.


  • Particularly effective in hauling various dump materials from one location to another while following the traffic safety laws.
  • Skilled in weighing dump material and making calculations as per the capacity of the dump truck.
  • Knowledge of organizational guidelines and OSHA rules and regulations regarding dump truck loading, unloading, and driving.
  • Proficient in quickly fixing and troubleshooting minor defects in the vehicle.
  • Capable of vigilant monitoring of the engine, gauging fuel efficiency, and recommending fine tune-ups to ensure economical usage of the vehicle.
  • Efficient in operating dump truck releasing machinery.


Dump Truck Driver
R.H Cleanup Corporation, Portland, OR
Mar 2012 – Present
• Report at the site on time to load the dump truck
• Operate the dumping machinery expertly and assist in loading and unloading
• Haul the dump to the required location via careful driving
• Follow the assigned routes while adhering to the state-issued safe dump transportation guidelines singlehandedly

★ Key Achievements ★
• Reduced the company’s expenses by 10% via calling for timely tune-ups and oil changes to enhance the fuel efficiency of the vehicle
• Identified and fixed a tiny leak in the transmission oil pocket timely via regular monitoring, saving the vehicle from any greater damage

Dump Truck Driver
R.H Cleanup Corporation, Portland, OR
Aug 2009 – Mar 2012
• Unloaded the dump truck at the required site
• Brang the empty vehicle back to work station safely
• Conducted precautionary maintenance of the vehicle
• Cleaned and oiled the vehicle regularly
• Filled in transportation logs duly

High School Diploma
Portland High School, Portland, OR (2009)

• Flawless eye-hand coordination and dexterity
• Excellent physical stamina and alertness
• Sharp vision and hearing senses
• Dump truck arms operation
• Cautious driving and watchful machinery operation skills

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