Top 30 Truck Driver Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: November 26, 2020
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Standing right at the top of your most important job application document, a truck driver objective is a short snippet of who you are, and what you bring to the table as far as expertise and experience in driving trucks are concerned.

Introducing yourself as a viable candidate for a truck driver position is important primarily because the hiring manager needs to know you. Since the resume objective is the first thing that a hiring manager will see, it is imperative that you write one that makes you stand out as a truck driver from the rest of the crowd.

How to Write a Perfect Objective Statement on a Truck Driver Resume?

Firstly, you need to see what the hiring manager is looking for in the profile of a truck driver. Then, you should compare the requirements with what you have to offer, and neatly organize it in the form of a resume objective.

It is important to think of a resume objective as a statement that highlights your specific truck driving skills, and how you can use those skills to make a difference to the company you are working for.

So now, let’s put everything together and make some resume objective statements. Remember, the objective statement is what prospective employers look at first, so the resume with the best objective statement wins!

Best 30 Objectives for Truck Driver Resume

Truck Driver Objectives with Experience

1. Energetic and dexterous Truck Driver seeking a position with Alpha Truckers utilizing 7+ years’ track record of success driving different kinds of trucks to safely drive vehicles and deliver goods.

2. To work as a Truck Driver for Edmonton Goods. Bringing hands-on experience in operating trucks with a gross vehicle weight capacity of more than 20,000 pounds. Effectively deliver goods using excellent navigation skills and exceptional ability to follow best driving practices.

3. Looking for a Truck Driver position at Core Couriers. Offers 5 years of extensive driving experience, Class B CDL, and hands-on training to manage efficient deliveries.

4. A dependable CDL Class A Truck Driver seeking a position with ABC Co. Bringing a comprehensive background in operating and driving 22-wheels trucks to deliver large cargo interstates.

5. Poised to obtain a position as a Truck Driver with XYZ Corp to leverage exceptional truck driving skills, as well as strong knowledge of all applicable DOT regulations.

6. Seasoned truck driver with a strong background in driving 10-18-wheeler trucks eager to work for AAA Co. Bringing mechanical, vehicle operation, GPS monitoring, and public safety experience along with exceptional communication and customer service skills to transport timely and safely.

7. Safety conscious and dependable Truck Driver with exceptional time management skills seeking employment with ABC Company to apply 15+ years of experience in driving a broad range of tractor-trailers.

8. A responsible and dexterous Truck Driver with 7 years of experience driving different kinds of tractor-trailers seeking a position with ASR Co.Enthusiastic to contribute to the company with extensive experience in driving long-haul trucks. Familiar with the laws of different states.

9. Dextrous and passionate Truck Driver looking for a position at Onfreight Logistics. Offering 6 years of experience in safely driving trucks to make deliveries in city and state-wide capacities to ensure on-time deliveries following company’s policies and procedures.

10. Secure a responsible career opportunity in a Truck Driver role at KGHM to fully utilize my truck driving skills, in order to meet the company’s delivery objectives.

11. To work as a Truck Driver for KT Logistics. Employing 10+ years of experience in loading and delivering sensitive goods on predetermined routes to maintain the company’s reputation for quality delivery services.

12. To obtain a Truck Driver position at Bryan Morris Freight. Leveraging 12+ years of solid track record in transporting both finished goods and raw materials to different sites, focusing on timeliness, and set protocols.

13. Looking for a Truck Driver position at Katy Pearce Logistics Services utilizing exceptional driving and navigation skills to meet the company’s delivery processes in an efficient manner. Coming with in-depth knowledge of driving delivery trucks on long and short routes.

14. Resourceful and diligent individual, in search of a Truck Driver position at 10 Roads Express to utilize 6+ years of experience in planning effective delivery routes and making deliveries in an efficient and quick manner.

15. Highly well-organized truck driver, boasting 5 years of proven success in serving supply chain logistics departments with complete focus on deadlines and efficiency. Seeking a position at AT Logistic Services that will allow me to expand my knowledge of the work to provide well-placed services to the company.

16. Highly skilled individual, with a solid background in making long-route deliveries, presently looking for a Truck Driver position at Buckland. Keen to apply knowledge of CDL and DMV to ensure appropriate delivery services, with complete focus on heightening customer experiences.

17. To make the most of my exceptional truck driving skills, and knowledge of goods transportation in a Truck Driver role at International Paper. Offering 5+ years of solid experience in driving and maintaining heavy-duty trucks to make timely deliveries, correlating to company policies.

18. To further my professional career as a Truck Driver at Commercial Metals Company, through the delivery of well-placed truck driving and maintenance work. Completely focused on providing excellent services, aimed at helping the company achieve its objectives.

19. Skilled individual, with over 6 years of truck driving experience, presently looking for a Truck Driver position at Gems Warehouse. Offering hands-on experience in mapping routes, and driving trucks to delivery destinations in a quick and efficient manner.

20. Top-performing Truck Driver hoping to acquire a position at Benore Logistics leveraging 4 years of correlating experience. Aim to work according to company protocols to ensure timely and efficient transportation and delivery of goods.

21. Organized and meticulous individual, anticipating a position as a Truck Driver at Alan’s Trucking. Offering 5 years of experience in picking up, and safely delivering goods to intended destinations, with complete focus on timely delivery.

22. To peruse a career as a Truck Driver by focusing on delivering excellence in all areas. Currently in search of a position at Niks Trucking, hoping to utilize my experience to benefit the organization in terms of excellent delivery services.

23. Obtain a Truck Driver position at 21st Century Trucking, where I can provide the benefit of my excellent trucking record to help the company achieve its specific delivery, and customer service goals.

24. A challenging and rewarding Truck Driver position at Welt Logistics, where prior experience as a Truck Driver, personal ability, and commitment to professionalism will be valued.

Entry-Level Truck Driver Resume Objectives With No Experience

25. A Truck Driver position at Tech Truckers making the most of excellent driving skills along with a profound ability to work with maps and the GPS system to accurately make chart routes and make deliveries.

26. To obtain employment as a Truck Driver at Calgary Trucking Services where I will be able to use my expertise in carefully driving heavy vehicles along with an excellent ability to perform preventive maintenance tasks effectively.

27. Safety-oriented and reliable Truck Driver seeking a position at Air Products, where I can effectively implement my knowledge of driving and maintaining trucks according to DMV protocols.

28. In search of a Truck Driver position at Deaver’s to leverage my knowledge of transporting goods between destinations. Familiar with handling mechanical issues, along with a strong ability to work closely with dispatcher teams to ensure timely deliveries.

29. To secure a Truck Driver position at Weldome Services, hoping to expand my work horizon, while performing exceptionally in a highly charged work environment.

30. My goal is to be associated with RMS Espress Inc. in a Truck Driver capacity where I can utilize inherent knowledge of core work processes pertaining to deliveries, to help the company meet its objectives.


All the resume objectives stated above show hiring managers what the applicant is capable of doing while suggesting the former’s benefit. Writing a great resume objective this way can help the hiring manager pick you out as a possible candidate for a truck driver position.