Janitor Recommendation and Reference Letter Sample

Updated October 23, 2021
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Recommendation letters can assist janitors to obtain new jobs.

For the janitor position, a recommendation letter holds great importance because it provides employers with information regarding a janitor’s reliability and capability of carrying out cleaning and related tasks appropriately.

This letter also contains information regarding a janitor’s ability to handle complex cleaning procedures and knowledge of cleaning products.

The following recommendation letter for a janitor’s position can be used as a sample to write one.

Janitor Reference and Recommendation Letter Sample

October 23, 2021

To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for Michael Jordan who has worked as a janitor for Mansfield Technologies for 7 years.

During his tenure with us, I found him very diligent and hardworking. He worked very efficiently even in times of great crowd and stress. More often than not, many of our staff members and clients know Michael only due to his passion for attaining excellence in janitorial work.

Michael is known for implementing custodial procedures and systems in a manner befitting the reputation of the company. His knowledge of handling waste and safely removing potentially hazardous materials is astounding. At times, he has been provided with the responsibility of training newly hired janitors which was done by him with precision.

Once again, I strongly recommend Michael Jordan for a custodial position with your organization. I am confident that he has the potential to exceed your expectations.



Ronald Hagen
Custodial Supervisor
Mansfield Technologies
Tel: (000) 888 8888
Email: Ronald.hagen @ mtech . org