Chauffeur Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: January 10, 2021
Chauffeur Job Description

Hiring a chauffeur is usually considered a luxury especially when hired in a private capacity.

But chauffeurs are not only hired by individuals but by companies as well. The primary duty of a chauffeur is to drive a vehicle (usually a luxury car) from one place to another to transport passengers. Many chauffeurs work for companies that rent out limousines for special events.

Working as a chauffeur is a high-end job which is why it is crucial for people working in this position to be well-spoken and physically presentable.

Chauffeurs are trained not only in driving vehicles in an appropriate manner but also in positively interacting with passengers. The work of a chauffeur does not end at greeting and transporting passengers from one place to another. There is much more to a chauffeur’s job than merely driving a vehicle.

Some of the duties that a chauffeur performs on a typical workday include:

Job Description and Duties for Chauffeur Resume

• Greet passengers as they arrive towards the vehicle
• Open vehicle doors and assist passengers in embarking and disembarking
• Help passengers by loading their luggage
• Pick up passengers from one place and safely transport them to their destination
• Provide information to passengers regarding the journey
• Ensure that a proper route to the destination is mapped out prior to starting off
• Use GPS or maps to determine locations and routes
• Avoid traffic jams by using knowledge of busy roads and alternate routes
• Assist passengers with disembarking from the vehicle
• Help passengers by unloading and carrying their luggage inside buildings
• Assist passengers with their wheelchairs
• Calculate fares based on distance traveled
• Take payments for services rendered
• Provide change along with payment receipts
• Ensure that the interior and exterior of the vehicle is clean and maintained at all times
• Take the vehicle for car washes on a regular basis
• Wax vehicle on a regular basis
• Ensure that the engine of the vehicle is maintained periodically in terms of fluids etc
• Perform minor repairs and adjustments to the vehicles
• Ensure that the vehicle is fueled at all times to avoid inconvenience
• Make sure that vehicles’ tire pressure is properly maintained
• Create daily logs of mileage and destinations to provide to the company
• Maintain knowledge of local landmarks to provide appropriate suggestions to passengers