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Updated on June 12, 2018

You, at some point in time, may be asked to write a reference letter for someone you know. If you haven’t written one before, you will need to obtain some heads-up on how to write it.

Many instances may warrant writing a reference letter. It may be for a colleague, a friend, or an ex-employee. Each reference letter is different, so one has to make sure that one writes it according to the specifics of each situation.

A reference letter is written primarily to praise an individual so that he or she can obtain a job or another kind of placement. Reference letters are all about an individual’s good points. If you have anything wrong to say about someone, either opt not to write a reference letter for them or not bother mentioning the bad points.

You need to write a reference letter that is positive and will help an individual with whatever he or she needs it for. Before you commit to writing one, make sure that you ask the person what purpose it will serve, so that you can draft accordingly.

Here is a sample reference letter for the position of a limousine driver:


Limousine Driver Reference Letter Example



June 12, 2018


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing in enthusiastic support of Gerald Butler, for a limousine driver position. Gerald has been working in the same capacity, under my supervision, at Malta Limo Services, and has never given me any cause for complaint.

Gerald’s manner is professional, yet friendly, as he goes out of his way to assist passengers, aiming to make them comfortable, and opt for our service at a later time as well. His courteous manner and an inherent respect for people made him our best limo driver, leading to him being asked for especially by regular clients. His knowledge and skills in handling a wide variety of maintenance tasks specific to limousines are exceptional, as is his ability to manage crises situations while on the road.

As a dedicated individual, Gerald can manage many rides back to back, without complaining about long hours. He is technology-savvy, which means that he can make good use of navigation systems to help him with charting out routes to destinations.

I believe that Gerald will be a perfect individual to hire as a limousine driver, in whatever capacity he wishes. If any further information is required in this regard, please feel free to contact me.


Sincere regards,


Martin Hoffman
General Manager
Malta Limo Services
223 Yeti Road SE
Murray, KY 22253
(000) 333-3333

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