Delivery Driver Resume with No Experience

Updated June 8, 2019

If you want to apply for a delivery driver job, the first thing any hiring manager will ask for is your resume.

This is because they want to know what you’re all about: what you’ve done in your professional life, how you’ve done it, what your interests are and how you have woven them into the work you do.


You might be surprised to know that even movie stars have resumes!

You might ask, “what about very young people who have not had any job yet?”

Well, even if you’ve never worked as a delivery driver before, you will need to write a resume.

The hiring manager will want to know what you’ve done with your academic life, but more importantly, if you’ve done any internships or worked any summer jobs or even helped out a relative during your vacation.



In an entry level delivery driver resume (No Experience), you will need to be very specific.

Since you can’t regale the hiring manager with your enjoyable experience, you will have to look out for the following things:

Why are you such a great match for the delivery driver job?

What are your driving skills that can do something for the company?

Why the hiring manager pay you if you have no experience in hand?

Why are you better than the other candidates for the job, some of whom might have the experience you lack?

Take a look at the following entry level delivery driver resume sample.

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Delivery Driver Resume with No Experience


Danny Brown
432 Lowe Street, Dardanelle, AR 92933
(000) 522-9642


Energetic and reliable with a smile

• Self-motivated and competent delivery driver with a strong familiarity with coordinating large delivery loads, along with in-depth knowledge of charting out efficient routes.
• Ability to deal with customers in a pleasant and friendly but professional manner
• Highly skilled in updating delivery information in computer software
• Demonstrated ability to coordinate with dispatchers to ensure timely delivery by ensuring that all logistical information is correct
• In-depth knowledge of loading and unloading trucks and vans in keeping with the safety regulations

High School Diploma – 2015
St. James High School, Dardanelle, AR


Volunteer Driver Assistant
IMMEDIATE SERVICES, Dardanelle, AR | Jan 2019 – Mar 2019

• Assisted in coordinating delivery service with van drivers and customers to ensure timely delivery of goods
• Helped in the maintenance of delivery vans and trucks, assisting in small repairs where necessary
• Loaded and unloaded delivery vans and trucks while ensuring safe handling of goods
• Updated all delivery information in specialized computer software
• Communicate with customers in order to ensure friendly and professional relationships


• Route Mapping
• Logs Maintenance
• Customer Service
• Preventative Maintenance
• Vehicle Care
• State Safety Guidelines
• Emergency Repair
• Accident Response
• Staff Coordination

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