Delivery Driver Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on March 13, 2019

Lack of experience as a delivery driver does not automatically translate into a lack of skills – as most of us believe.

Since a cover letter is based on how skilled we are in certain areas, it is often considered difficult to write if you have never done the job before.

However, this limitation is temporary – if you have it in you to accomplish even a small feat, you have it in you to do a job that you have no experience for.

A Delivery Driver Cover Letter No Experience help us in obtaining a job by providing us with a chance to connect with a future employer.

There is a lot that one can write in an entry level cover letter to convince a hiring manager that one is all that he needs to get his company going.

Even at the entry level, one has a lot to offer and that is what you have to write in a delivery driver cover letter.

What you are as a professional and how you intend to show this to a hiring manager is where your talents will be judged. Give it all that you have. Confident at the entry level is highly appreciated. Cockiness isn’t.

By remaining within the limitations of professional decorum, write a cover letter such as the sample provided below:

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Delivery Driver Cover Letter No Experience



Derek Rhodes
(000) 444-4444

March 13, 2019

Mr. Ian Hawkins
Hiring Manager
Prime Logistics
1414 Deep Waters Road
Elizabethtown, PA 19233


Dear Mr. Hawkins:

Referring to your advertisement for a Delivery Driver position at Prime Logistics, I would like to offer my services as one. As a recently graduated individual, with Class B CDL license and some exposure to handling local and intercity deliveries (through a volunteer program for The Sunshine People), I am sure that I can be a great asset to your organization.

Please refer to the following qualifications that I possess which make me a great contender to work as a delivery driver at your organization:

• Skilled in mapping short and safe routes both locally and between neighboring cities, by effectively using traditional maps and GPS.

• Effectively able to safely load and unload items on and off delivery trucks, paying special attention to fragile items.

• Familiar with minor repair and maintenance work on trucks by following established procedures for both.

As someone with a fresh outlook to work and an inherent will to make a difference and contribute, I am confident that the accompanying resume will interest you.

I will contact your office soon to see if a mutually convenient time can be arranged for a meeting. Until then, you may reach me at (000) 444-4444 for further details, if required.

Thank you very much for your consideration.



Derek Rhodes

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