Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Skills

Updated on: May 26, 2019

Pizza Hut is one of the giants of the fast food industry worldwide.

It goes without saying that delivery drivers hired by the chain have to be exceptionally skilled in what they do.


After all, delivery drivers are representatives of the chain.

If you are hoping to apply for a delivery driver position at Pizza Hut, you must make sure that the skills section in your resume is spot on.

Firstly, thoroughly go through the job description of this role, and any requirements that the employer has.

Secondly, go through a list of duties that you possess, which make you an excellent person to hire, because of the alignment with the employer’s requirements.


Specifically, your skills regarding delivering pizza promptly, and ensuring high customer satisfaction must be highlighted.

Also, you need to highlight why you feel that you are a better delivery driver than all the others who have applied for the job, because of skills derived from previous experiences.

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Here is a list of skills that a delivery driver can bank on when applying for a position at Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Skills

• Highly experienced in determining short and safe routes to the destination, by using maps and GPS.

• Effectively able to stack pizza boxes in vans, and on bikes in a safe manner.

• Exceptionally well-versed in driving vans and motorbikes to customers’ offices and homes for delivery purposes.

• Deeply familiar with verifying addresses and handing pizza boxes to customers post verification.

• Talented in processing credit card and cash payments, and tendering change and receipts.

• Proven ability to provide dispatch teams about order delivery statuses on time.

• Solid track record of greeting customers, ensuring that the 10 seconds rule is properly followed.

• Unmatched ability to assist kitchen staff in packing pizzas and other menu items, in order to ensure that orders are delivered timely.

• Competent in performing pre and post-haul inspections on assigned vans, and bikes in order to ensure proper working order.

• Qualified to perform preventative and regular maintenance on assigned vehicles.

• Well-versed in filling in for order takers, during high volume days.

• Adept at building relationships with customers so as to ensure repeat business opportunities.

• Proficient in providing customers with information on newly added menu items, in order to upsell.

• Skilled in documenting and keeping a record of information about pick-ups and deliveries.

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