Building Maintenance Technician Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 15, 2016

Cover letters are a bore to write. Truth? No way! A cover letter can be the most exciting piece of writing for a hiring manager whose life mission is to create a good gene pool of employees for his company. Of course, it can go the other way and not entice an individual enough to be interested in you as a possible candidate. All the more reason for you to pay more heed to what you write in a cover letter.

Don’t let the fear of writing a perfect cover letter get to you – or mess with your chances of obtaining that well-deserved building maintenance job. Get your inner show off to surface and make things easy for you. Write to impress. What will impress a hiring manager who does not know what to expect from a complete stranger? Relevance is the right answer. When you give the hiring manager a cover letter that is right down his alley, you are not doing a favor just to him. You are also paving the way for yourself.

A standout cover letter for building maintenance technician resume is one that is unique, to the point and relevant. Keep these three things in mind when writing one. Need a sample to look through? Here you go!


Building Maintenance Technician Cover Letter Sample


Dilton Lodge
96 3rd Street
Roodhouse, IL 85144
(000) 856-8585
d.lodge @ email . com

November 15, 2016

Mr. Elmer Fudd
Hiring Manager
Roush Enterprises
996 Silver Avenue
Roodhouse, IL 90221


Dear Mr. Fudd:

My experience as a building maintenance technician is not just vast – it can only be defined as “all-encompassing”. Having worked at this position for 4 years now, I am well-accustomed to all that it requires in terms of physical work and analytic abilities.

Anticipating bringing this expertise to Roush Enterprises, please allow me to elaborate on what I offer:

• Unmatched ability to determine both commercial and residential buildings’ repair and maintenance needs and create correlating plans.
• Documented success in working in conjunction with contracted housekeepers to ensure a consistently maintained premises.
• Deep familiarity with efficiently completing work orders in areas such as painting, carpentry and electrical work.
• Highly skilled in maintaining and repairing HVAC and plumbing systems with special focus on minimal downtime.

I am sure you will be convinced of my abilities as a building maintenance technician once you meet with me in person. I will contact you soon for an interview time. Alternately, you can contact me at (000) 856-8585 during work hours, or email me at dilton_lodge @ email. com.



Dilton Lodge

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