Bakery Delivery Driver Job Description

Updated: January 16, 2018

Position Overview

A bakery delivery driver’s main job is to make sure that he or she delivers bakery items to customers, or to and from production areas.

This work requires someone who is highly responsible, and knows delivery work inside out.

Working as a bakery delivery driver is not like working as an ordinary delivery driver, as one is handling fragile items such as cakes, which may ruin a customer’s event if not handled properly.

Position Requirements

To be eligible to work as a bakery delivery driver, one has to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. In addition to this, knowledge of driving delivery vans and handling maintenance and repair on them is also necessary.

If this is the work that you want to do, you will have to make sure that your driving and navigation skills are excellent.

Moreover, it is imperative for people working at this position to be polite and courteous, as they have to deal with many customers on a daily basis. Some delivery drivers are assigned helpers, which is why it is important for them to be able to get along with people from different walks of life, and to assume a leadership position.

Here is a list of job duties that are particular to the position of a bakery delivery driver:

Bakery Delivery Driver Duties and Responsibilities

• Obtain orders from bakery manager for delivery and pick-up activities.

• Check to see destination and customer information, and ensure that a proper route plan is charted out.

• Map routes using the GPS and standard maps, ensuring that the shortest and safest routes are followed.

• Pick up orders from bakery outlets, and place them carefully inside assigned delivery trucks.

• Navigate the way to destinations, following rules and regulations of traffic, and ensure that no violations are made.

• Ascertain that all deliveries are made in a timely and accurate manner, to the correct address.

• Introduce self to customers, and provide them with information of deliveries.

• Hand over bakery items such as cakes, cupcakes, pizzas and pastries to customers.

• Obtain receipts and payments, and tender change as necessary, counting it properly.

• Provide backend with information on completed deliveries, on a regular basis.

• Transport bakery items between production areas and bakery outlets, in a timely and efficient manner.

• Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on assigned delivery vehicles, and ensure that any required repairs are handled properly.

• Ascertain that the interior of the assigned delivery vehicle is kept clean and sanitized at all times.