Daycare Assistant Director Resume Sample

Updated on: May 16, 2021

If your resume is to be one of the resumes chosen by the hiring manager for an interview call, you have to be very careful in writing it. One of the tricks you can use is the utilization of keywords.

When a hiring manager writes out a job advertisement, he thinks very carefully about which keywords to use.

These keywords are important for the company, and the trick is to use these same keywords when you’re making your resume for the daycare assistant director position.

When the hiring manager sees them on the resume, he will automatically think that you are the right person for the job.

Take a look at the following professionally written resume sample for a daycare assistant director position.

Sample Resume for Daycare Assistant Director Position

Shelley Dare
2265 Boscobel Street, Nashville, TN 32206
(000) 956-8541
shelleydare @ email . com


• Highly qualified daycare professional with a proven track record of creating and implementing policies to meet the varying needs of children, with emphasis on child development and education.
• Demonstrated expertise in developing visions and missions for daycare centers
• Verified experience in maintaining communication with the parents of each child to ensure that problems are solved before they become crises
• Proficient in developing curricula that are designed to nurture, inspire and motivate each child
• Adept at working with a diverse population of children, from all backgrounds

• Food Quality Standards
• Equipment Maintenance
• Cost Control
• Complaint Handling
• Customer Service
• Food Safety and Hygiene
• Kitchen Sanitation
• Waste Minimization
• Menu Planning
• Inventory Control
• Health & Safety Standards
• Staff Supervision

• Successfully observed signs of abuse in a child and let the authorities know, with the result that the child was moved from a harmful home environment to a safe, happy one.
• Introduced project-based learning which increased student interest and hence the response by 40%.
• Designed a new curriculum for the children based on new, advanced theories of child care.
• Effectively observed a child and understood her to be a special needs child, with the result that she was given the care that she needed.


Daycare Assistant Director
(5/2012 to Present)
• Design, develop and implement a curriculum based on the needs of the children as well as daycare principles
• Develop everyday lesson plans designed to nurture and stimulate each child
• Support each child’s family in being involved with the child’s daily progress and communicate with them on daycare policies and any issues
• Create a nurturing and stimulating environment for each child’s learning and growth
• Carry out child assessment on a regular basis to ensure that each child is getting the best possible care the center can provide
• Develop and implement toilet training programs and for those too young, ensure that appropriate staff is hired and trained in changing diapers and soiled clothing
• Design age-appropriate activities for the children on a daily basis
• Strictly observe each child for signs of child abuse or neglect, injuries, illness, and similar problems, and report to Director
• Sustain communication with parents or guardians about each child
• Maintain a database of each child’s progress – both educational and behavioral
• Deliver first aid when needed, ensuring an environment in which fear is minimized

Daycare Teacher
LITTLE TOTS, Nashville, TN
(1/2007 to 5/2012)
• Helped design and implement a curriculum based on the individual children’s needs
• Aided in toilet training the children, helping change diapers when necessary
• Implemented children’s activities on a daily basis and observed them to ensure that they are safe
• Assessed students and communicated with parents on their child’s progress
• Maintained a database of each child’s progress by ensuring confidentiality and integrity of data

Babysitter | Private Capacities | 2005 – 2006

Bachelor of Arts in Education
Major: Early Child Education