Company Driver Job Description Sample

Updated on: July 30, 2019
Position Overview

A company driver’s work duties depend on the type of organization he is working for.

Company drivers may drive cars, trucks or vans depending on what their specific tasks are.


For instance, if a driver is responsible for providing personal driving services to an executive, he will be asked to drive a car.

If there are deliveries to be made, a company driver may be asked to drive trucks or vans.

Company drivers do only drive the vehicles entrusted to them. They also ensure that vehicles are kept cleaned and maintained on a constant basis.

This may require them to perform both preventative and general maintenance on vehicles and handle any minor repairs that may transpire.


Company drivers who are required to make deliveries are required to be knowledgeable about standard delivery destinations and how to reach them in the most effective way.

Even for picking and dropping company executives, they need to know different routes within and outside the city.

Another important part of a company driver’s work is to assist with loading and unloading luggage or delivery packages. 


Company Driver Job Description Sample

• Take instructions from supervisor regarding each day’s deliveries or pick/drop services

• Check tires, engines, and seatbelts to ensure that they are in good working order

• Ensure that the vehicle’s fluids are at optimal levels

• Clean car seats, rugs, dashboards and mats on a daily basis

• Assist in loading and unloading packages on trucks and vans

• Provide assistance with luggage and boarding to passengers

• Mentally chart out the best possible route to reach the desired destination

• Make use of maps and the GPS to assist in charting out actual routes

• Maintain professional decorum during commute time

• Pick and drop company professionals from /to desired destinations

• Make deliveries by maintaining correct knowledge of destinations and concerned contacts

• Assist in unloading packages and delivering to customers’ doors

• Provide customers with receipts and take signatures

• Inform customers if delivered packages hold fragile contents

• Take and forward any complaints made by customers to the supervisor

• Drive back vehicle to the company by following strict timeline rules

• Change tires and make minor adjustments or repairs to engine or vehicle body during, before and after transit

• Perform general and preventative maintenance on the vehicle by following scheduled timings

• Take the vehicle to washing areas or wash them according to specific instructions


• Handle maintenance of vehicle air conditioning and heating systems

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