Drivers work in different roles although their duties are more or less the same. Typically, a driver is expected to drive a vehicle from one place to another in order to transport people or merchandise. Essentially, drivers are expected to drive a vehicle on a schedule over a designated route and ensure the safety and timely delivery of passengers or goods.

There are many industries where a driver may work, depending on their license and individual job placement. Taxi drivers carry passengers from one place to another. The construction arena is another place that employs drivers to drive a truck to sites in order to deliver construction materials and equipment. Garbage disposal companies hire drivers to deliver accumulated trash to dump sites. Bus drivers are expected to ensure that their passengers reach their destinations and commercial drivers are expected to deliver goods from one place to another. There are many different roles that drivers work in.

Take a look at the following list for types of roles that they are expected to provide services in and some of their duties in that role.


Job Description for Driver Resume

Company Driver
• Drive company vehicles to pick or drop employees
• Deliver important documents to required destinations
• Ensure that all deliveries have been signed and delivered to the correct recipient
• Keep vehicle clean and maintained at all times
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on vehicle

Dump Truck Driver
• Transport loose materials like gravel, rock, sand and dirt to required destinations
• Follow a schedule to ensure timely delivery
• Chart out the best route possible in order to save time
• Verify the types of materials being loaded on vehicle
• Perform appropriate maintenance and keep truck clean

Concrete Truck Driver
• Drive trucks carrying concrete from one place to another
• Operate truck in order to ensure appropriate mixing and pouring of concrete on job sites
• Perform loading and unloading duties
• Manage daily inspections on the vehicle
• Maintain mileage logs

Bus Driver
• Pick passengers and drop them off to their destinations
• Provide tickets to passengers
• In case of carrying students, ensure appropriate behavior is maintained
• Assist passengers and students on and off the bus
• Ensure appropriate maintenance of the bus

Limousine/Taxi Driver
• Pick-up guests and passengers and drop them off to their required destinations
• Assist passengers in embarking and disembarking
• Assist with loading and unloading luggage
• Choose best routes to destinations by using maps and GPS

Forklift Driver
• Load and unload materials on and off pallets
• Perform checks on materials and equipment being carried
• Drive forklift from one destination to another to ensure delivery of material and equipment
• Ensure all product data is logged appropriately
• Ensure maintenance of forklift on a periodic basis