Parts Delivery Driver Resume Sample

Updated on: September 14, 2015


Your resume for parts delivery driver position will inspire an employer’s first best guess how worthy you are to him. Paint yourself in murky colors and you will never get into the door. Bright colors are in. Structuring yourself as a masterpiece is what is required by employers of today.

When you kick off a personal marketing campaign, you are a product that needs to be endorsed. You have to sell it and not just tell it. The difference is:

Telling it:
Worked as a delivery driver responsible for parts delivery.

Selling it:
As delivery driver, managed the safe and timely delivery of auto parts which resulted in additional revenue of $3000.

See the difference? That is how you have to portray yourself. The following resume for a parts delivery driver is written along the lines of selling it.


Parts Delivery Driver Resume Sample


Oliver Nates

89 Sumter Road ● Temple Terrace, FL 22672 ● (000) 141-7475 ● olivenate @ email . com


Hardworking and well-organized

Performance Profile: 8+ years’ progressive experience in providing safe, timely and correct parts delivery to customers. Excellent skills in mapping the shortest and safest routes to destinations using maps and the GPS. Known for maintaining a professional attitude and conduct directed at ensuring exceptional customer services. A team player who is focused on ensuring timely deliveries, even during inclement weather conditions. Documented success in operating varied delivery vehicles including cars, vans and trucks. Competent at pulling orders from storage areas, by ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


● Vehicle Maintenance ● Route Mapping ● Content Verification
● Loading/Unloading ● Vehicle Safety ● Customer Service
● Shipping/Receiving ● Cash Handling ● Delivery Protocols
● Communication ● Credit Processing ● Moving Aids Operations


HUNTER TRUCKING, Temple Terrace, FL (6/2007 to Present)
Parts Delivery Driver
• Look through work orders to determine what parts need to be delivered where
• Assist order pullers in locating parts in storage areas and verifying their specifications
• Load parts onto delivery vehicles and ensure that they are properly and safely stacked
• Chart shortest and most efficient routes to delivery destinations using the GPS and ordinary maps
• Drive delivery vehicles along mapped routes and sure that “start off” is handled in a time-efficient manner
• Ascertain that the right recipient receives the delivery and assist him or her check specifications of parts delivered
• Take signatures on receipts and provide customers with bills
• Drive the delivery vehicle back to the office or warehouse and inform supervisors of each delivery made
• Punch in delivery information into company provided database
• Ascertain that both general and preventative maintenance is performed on vehicles in use

• Successfully made 18 deliveries in one day by ensuring appropriate route mapping activities were undertaken
• Reined in a colossal supply delivery project, by driving to each interstate destination and making deliveries personally
• Increased delivery system efficiency by 60% by creating staff schedules for all delivery drivers
• Decreased late deliveries by 80% by training delivery drivers to chart out effective routes to their destinations

LITHIA AUTO STORES, Temple Terrace, FL (2/2003 to 8/2007)
Order Puller
• Consulted order sheets to determine which orders to be pulled for delivery purposes
• Located parts in storage areas using warehouse maps
• Pulled auto parts and ensured that the ones with the right specifications have been pulled
• Labeled and packed orders in appropriate boxes and ensured that they are loaded onto delivery trucks properly


Florida Class A CDL License

High School Diploma