One On One Aide Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 30, 2019

A One On One Aide cover letter has become an essential component of every job application.

Irrespective of the post you are applying for, you must furnish your resume with a complementing cover letter in order to be considered as a viable candidate.


Cover letter writing must be taken seriously since it provides you with an opportunity to get noticed in today’s overcrowded job market.

How to Write a One On One Aide Cover Letter?

Below are some effective tips that will help you in writing a compelling cover letter for a one on one aide position.

Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself as a viable candidate and support your claim with solid evidence of previous professional accomplishments.

Identify your value

Identify the value you’ll be adding to the firm by explicitly focusing on your areas of expertise.

Communicate Interest

Communicate enthusiasm and motivation for the job without sounding desperate. Express what you know about the firm.


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One On One Aide Cover Letter Sample


Henrietta Martin
214 Unix Sq, Los Angeles, CA 65997
(004) 333-2222
henrietta . martin @ email . com

July 30, 2019

Mr. Roger Davis
HR Manager
ACE Academy
54 Lilly Lane
Los Angeles, CA 65997


Dear Mr. Davis:

If your school requires a dedicated and highly committed, experienced teacher’s aide, consider me a prime candidate. As you will note in the attached resume, my profile caters for your specific requirements for the advertised one-on-one aide position.

Having worked as an educational paraprofessional for 3+ years, I am fully competent in delivering excellent support to the lead teacher in classroom management and lesson plan implementation. Facilitating an individual or a small group of students in understanding the classroom activities, establishing the teacher’s expectations, and communicating assignments to the students are my main areas of expertise. Besides, I’m familiar with challenges faced by special needs children and am fully equipped with the skills needed to cater to their special needs.

Throughout my career, I have been commended by my employers for my innovative teaching ideas. My track record of consistently enhancing the grades of students placed under my supervision also speaks highly of my excellent teaching skills and ability to identify and build on each student’s unique learning style and aptitude.

I am confident that with the above-mentioned skills and expertise, I am the candidate you seek to fill your vacant one on one teacher’s aide position and I would highly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you. Please call me at (004) 333-2222 to communicate an interview date and time that suits you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Henrietta Martin

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