Van Driver Job Description Sample

Vans can be used for multiple purposes such as transporting people or delivering goods. Depending on what their particular job description says, van drivers drive vans to ensure transportation of people or things from one place to another.

Delivery van drivers are hired to handle the many tasks that are associated with delivering products to their destinations. They assist in loading vans, charting out routes and delivering products to the required destinations. As far as passenger vans are concerned, van drivers pick up passengers from one point and ensure that they are transported to their destinations in a safe manner.

It does not matter what a van is carrying; if you are a van driver, you need to vigilant and have a keen sense of direction. The roads are getting busier as the years go by and the time that it once took to reach a particular destination has been doubled. This is the prime reason for employers wanting to hire van drivers who know how to maneuver their vehicles during rush hours by using the best possible routes.

Since we are talking about two different types of van drivers here, let us see what their individual job duties may be in each role – and any similarities!

Delivery Van Driver Job Duties

• Pick up items from warehouses or retail outlets
• Assist loaders in loading items onto the van and ensuring that they are stacked properly
• Ensure that the van door is properly locked post loading
• Chart out appropriate route using maps or GPS
• Drive the van to the destination in a safe manner and by following all traffic rules
• Make several stops to retail outlets to deliver items
• Assist with the unloading of items
• Make sure that the item count is correct
• Take signatures on order delivery forms and inform superior of successful delivery
• Perform general and preventative maintenance on the vehicle

Passenger Van Driver Job Duties

• Take orders from company akin to picking up passengers
• Ensure attendance at the place of pickup in a time efficient manner
• Assist passengers in embarking on the van – help elderly passengers by providing physical support
• Provide assistance in loading luggage onto the van and ensuring that it is set in a proper and safe way
• Map out route with the least amount of traffic and mileage
• Drive van to the destination by following traffic rules and regulations
• Assist passengers in disembarking from the van
• Provide assistance in unloading luggage
• Check the van periodically to make sure that all is in good working order
• Perform general checks and scheduled maintenance on the van

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