UPS Driver Helper Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 16, 2017

Position Overview

UPS (United Parcel Services) hires driver helpers to assist in the delivery of parcels and packages. These individuals are expected to provide delivery truck drivers with assistance in loading and unloading packages to and from trucks, making deliveries, and handling associated paperwork.


A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is usually sufficient to work at UPS Driver Helper position. If you have had some prior mailroom experience, even if it is in the capacity of a volunteer or internship, you will be considered a good option to hire.

You will need to be physically dexterous, and possess the ability to lift and carry heavy packages from one place to another. In addition to this, you will be required to possess exceptional communication skills, as you will be the one talking to customers, and providing delivery feedback to the dispatchers.

Also, it is imperative for UPS driver helpers to be well-versed in using both standard maps and the GPS to map short and straight routes to their destinations. Effective interpersonal skills, and the ability to handle untoward incidents such as customer complaints or road accidents are also prerequisites of working at this position.

If working as a driver helper at United Parcel Services is what you aim to do, have a look at the following list of job duties that you will be required to perform, before you begin writing your resume:


Job Duties for UPS Driver Helper Resume


• Check work orders to determine the amount and type of deliveries to be made during each day.

• Pick up assigned parcels and packages and physically haul them to the delivery truck.

• Load parcels and packages onto delivery trucks and ensure that they are properly and safely stacked.

• Further secure packages by strapping them to shelves and curbs within the delivery truck.

• Ascertain that all paperwork is complete and that any missing receipts or bills are obtained.

• Map short and straight routes to different destinations, using both conventional maps and the GPS.

• Provide support to drivers in locating customers’ addresses by using navigation skills.

• Pick customers’ orders from the truck and deliver them to their doors.

• Ascertain that customers sign receipts, and ensure that any cash on delivery items are properly processed.

• Create and maintain effective liaison with dispatchers to provide them with information regarding returns and deliveries.

• Ascertain that any issues such as customers’ complaints are properly recorded, and resolved according to the specific policies of the company.