Seeking assistance in building a fire dispatcher resume? Well, the task is not too difficult if you go step-by-step.


• Make a rough draft and see some relevant samples to make a resume.

• Edit and proofread it, and ask a friend to proofread your resume again before sending.

• Spend a lot of time in your resume building task since it will pay you off.



Fire Dispatcher Resume Example


Daniel Hall

890 Spring Field Sq ● Worcester, MA 78949
(008) 444-6666 ● daniel @ email .com


SUMMARY: Proactive, tenacious fire dispatcher with 7+ years’ proven track record of radio communications, location tracing and telephonic counseling. Competent at interpreting small scale maps and providing location directions effectively over the radio. Hands-on experience in providing emergency handling guidelines over the phone and keeping the victim calm until rescue teams reach. Adept at scanning status charts and computer screens to determine available emergency units for dispatch.


Fire Dispatcher | Forest Service, Worcester, MA | July 2011 – Present

• Introduce a resource inventory system to keep higher officials informed regarding the condition of supplies
• Implement IFPM issues standards of fire management all through the department
• Perform standardized support duties at the office
• Remain in constant contact with field support units determining their availability as and when needed
• Maintain automated record of all emergency dispatches requested and executed
• Process weather information, run weather forecasts, conduct lightening detection and determine accurate fuel moisture levels accordingly

Fire Logistics Dispatcher | ABC Company, Worcester, MA | May 2008 – June 2011

• Installed an automated street map updating system in the office and synchronized the same with vehicles available in the field unit that reduced dispatch time by 20%
• Relayed locations, facts and figures effectively to the field units for fire dispatch
• Determined burning indices, staff preparedness and suppression/aviation resource evaluation
• Entered data into fire related computer systems and database
• Received emergency calls and responded in a calm, confident and active manner to the same


Emergency Medical certificate | American Heart Association, Worcester, MA | April 2009

Associates Degree in Public Management | Macklin High, Worcester, MA | May 2008

• Multilingual: English, Spanish and Italian
• Advanced level computer skills, proficiency in MS office
• Functional knowledge of using radio equipment for wireless contact with field units
• Capable of thinking analytically in stressful situations